Why Do So Many Chinese Ladies Want Western Husbands?

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Why do Chinese ladies want a Western husband? It's obviously something that anyone considering looking for an Asian mail order bride has to consider. Will his wife be sincere? Will she be more interested in the size of his wallet than anything else?

There are plenty of Chinese professional ladies in China, who have good jobs (even if a company car isn't included as a benefit of the job)

In these respects, I've found that Asian dating isn't much different to any other type of dating. Most women like rich men, and it helps if they're handsome as well. Simple as that.

When I started chatting to Chinese ladies on sites like Chnlove and Chinese LoveLinks, I did begin to notice that they were a lot different to what I'd expected. Mail order brides these were not. Many of the Chinese ladies on Chnlove and other sites are very well educated. They tend to have pretty good jobs, even if salaries are 10-20 times lower than their equivalents in the USA or Western Europe. My own particular Chinese lady had a professional job. She was highly computer literate (far moreso than the majority of Chnlove ladies I would think). She was also incredibly confident. A few of my female friends weren't happy at all to hear that I was looking for a mail order bride. In fact I got defriended a few times on Facebook! Actually, this might be more to do with the fact that she was 3-4 stone lighter than many of my female friends, and she dressed better than them as well. On top of that she looked at least 5 years younger than she actually was. Wow, I'm dreaming again. Let's get back to reality.

Now what bothers me is why so many Chinese women want to marry Western men?

When I started looking for a Chinese wife there were around 8,000 ladies on Chnlove. Now there are over 10,000. It's widely reported that there is no shortage of men in China. In fact quite the contrary - men outnumber women. In fact there is such an acute shortage of women in China that increasing numbers of Chinese men are seeking their own mail order brides from countries such as Vietnam, Laos and even North Korea.

These are some of the valid reasons that Chinese women choose to marry Western men:

  1. They are alpha females and find it hard to find husbands. Men generally want to marry women who are less intelligent or have less high profile careers than themselves. So these highly educated Chinese women can struggle to find partners who are their equal.
  2. They are over the age of 26 (Christmas cake ladies as the Japanese call them). Chinese men like younger wives. Chinese women over the age of 30 find it much harder to find husbands.
  3. Divorced ladies can find it harder to remarry Chinese men, especially if they have children from another marriage. Some of these ladies have tragic stories, especially if their husband got rich and left them for a younger lady.
  4. Ladies who are committed Christians can find it hard to find a Chinese husband who shares their beliefs.
  5. Ladies with demanding jobs who don't have much time to find husbands.

In my case, I am starting to question why the particular girl I visited was looking for a Western husband. If you're talking to a Chinese woman on Chnlove or on another site. But I warn you - be careful about asking her this directly! A Chinese woman will be under considerable pressure to get married, particularly if she's above the age of 25 and there aren't any grandchildren yet!

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Here are some dangerous women to avoid if you possibly can:

  • Narcissistic women or women with various personality disorders. There are a lot of these on Chnlove. Date them at your peril.
  • Green card seekers. Again, there are many of these scammers on Chinese dating sites.
  • Ladies who are interested in marrying a Westerner for the novelty value.
  • Ladies who are desparate for a baby, and who will marry the first man who comes along.
  • Ladies who are marrying because their parents want them to get married.
  • Believe it or not, some women on Asian dating sites are actually lesbians who have no interest in men, but want to marry a man in order to avoid losing face, or so that they can have a baby.

If this all sounds totally unbelievable, then just remember this. You're going to date somebody who is from a completely different culture. She might not even speak your language. You can barely ask her what the weather is like in China. So how on earth are you going to figure out that she has a personality disorder that means that 99.9% of men in China won't touch her with a barge pole? It's a good reminder that looking for a wife in Asia is not without risks. Don't get sucked into the hopes and dreams that Asian dating sites like to portray. Many sites show you glowing testimonials which are all well and good, but no site publishes it's divorce rate...

Having said that, don't be too negative. There are some truly fabulous ladies on sites like Chnlove. But uncovering the lady who is right for you can take an incredible amount of effort.

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