UK Chinese Dating - What Are Your Options?

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What are the options for UK Chinese dating? The UK has a large diverse cultural make up. Thanks to the close ties with its former colony of Hong Kong, there are hundreds of thousands of people of Chinese descent in the UK. So what if you're UK Chinese, or your a UK guy who wants to find a UK Chinese girlfriend?

Online dating is popular in that it offers so many possibilities for meeting new people. Popular UK dating sites include, eHarmony and Plenty of Fish. Both and eHarmony have plenty of UK Chinese singles on them. The free online dating service Plenty of Fish is also worth a look. However, bear in mind that this dating service is particularly popular with people looking for short term and casual relationships.

London's China Town is popular with Chinese and Western visitors alike

There are also a wide range of interracial and ethnic dating sites. The Friend Finder network is popular. Chinese Cupid (Chinese Love Links) is one of the most popular Chinese dating sites. There are members from a wide range of countries on this site. As far as UK Chinese men and women go, there are a few UK Chinese singles on this site. However, they are heavily outnumbered from Chinese singles from the People's Republic.

I've also been a little suspicious of many of the Chinese women on Chinese Love Links who claim to be living in the UK. I'll say claim, because I've never met them in person. I have been contacted by girls who are quite a bit younger than myself. I wasn't entirely sure if they were seriously interested in me. Maybe they were just contacting me out of curiosity. This does happen on dating sites - people are often curious about people living close to them, and so be careful of these time wasters. I was also concerned that maybe one or two of the girls may have been looking for a marriage partner so they could continue to live in the UK. Immigration fraud is fairly common, so it's something to be wary of.

If you live near a larger city then it's worth looking at speed dating events. These can help you find friends in the local Chinese community, and you might even fall in love in one of the events. You can often find Chinese speed dating events in cities including London, Birmingham and Manchester.

If you're a younger guy then the average University town will have many Chinese students living there. These can be good places to find Chinese girls who have come to the UK to study. They might not always be open to the idea of having a Western boyfriend though.

Beyond this if you're a UK guy looking for a Chinese wife or girlfriend then you're probably going to be more interested in a girl who's currently living in China. Western men who want Chinese brides tend to prefer Chinese ladies from China. These girls are perceived as being less "Western". In fact, most men prefer to date the ladies who don't even speak much English.

If this is the case then Chinese Love Links is still worth looking at. Also worth a mention are Chinese Kisses and Blossoms. Chnlove takes care of the language barrier, but it's somewhat expensive.

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Wherever you find your Chinese partner, the UK is a good place to live. It's easy to experience Chinese culture in one of the UK's China Town's (the London China Town being particularly popular). If you want to learn Mandarin Chinese then you'll find plenty of Chinese people in your local area who can help you learn.

Chat to 1000's of Hot Chinese Women Tonight!

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