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Here's some basic information about travelling in Asia. While all of this may sound like basic advice, a surprising amount of men seeking Asian brides haven't travelled overseas before, much less travelled to Asia.


To travel to Asia you will almost certainly require a passport. Passports can be time consuming to apply for, so make sure you get yours well before you plan to travel to Asia.

Even if you do already possess a passport, make sure it's valid for at least 6 months - many countries in Asia insist that your passport has an expiry date well into the future.

For busy travellers, also make sure you passport has some blank pages on it - some countries (like China) have specific regulations about this.


Get your passport and visa situation sorted out before you travel to Asia!

Some countries require that you apply for a visa before you travel to them. It's therefore essential that you check the country's entry requirements BEFORE you travel. Visa requirements change constantly, and they depend on your nationality, so I'll not list them here. When researching visa requirements, check a couple of websites, including the country's official immigration site or embassy website.

As far as Asian travel goes, China is the prime country requiring a visa. These must be applied for in your own country. Visas can take a few days to arrange, so make sure you apply for one well before your intended travel date. There are various types of China visa, but most men go for the single or double entry visa. You can usually find travel agencies in your local country that will handle your visa application for you (for a fee of course).


Many parts of Asia are very safe to visit. Japan and Hong Kong felt incredibly safe to visit. China also felt fairly safe, particularly in areas where other Westerners were occasionally seen.

When travelling in Asia it's best to take sensible precautions, such as being more careful after dark, and avoiding making trouble with the locals. Dress conservatively and try to blend in with the locals.

Other Asian countries aren't quite so safe to visit. Crimes against Westerners are very common in Thailand. However, many of these are committed against the younger men and women who travel to Thailand on fun seeking vacations.

The Philippines isn't as safe as other South East Asian countries. If you're contemplating finding a Filipina wife it may be worthwhile travelling as part of an escorted romance tour.

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Travel Advice

Most Western governments supply travel advice to their citizens, so read these before you book a trip to Asia. Most of the travel advice is commonsense.

Specific travel advisory warnings are usually reserved for rural Thailand and the island of Mindano in the Philippines. Terrorism and kidnapping of Westerners does happen in these parts of Asia, so take the threats seriously.

It's usually better to meet a Thai lady in Bangkok. If you feel you can trust her then you might consider visiting her home village, but take precautions.

Filipina dating sites have a lot of women from Davao City and other locations on Mindano. Whether you want to travel there is entirely up to you.


If you're travelling to a developing country then make sure your routine innoculations are up to date. It's also worth visiting your doctor to ask what other precautions you can take. If you're going for a longer stay then it's possible to get innoculations against diseases such as rabies.

Japan, South Korea and the modern Chinese cities such as Guangzhou, Shanghai and Beijing are pretty clean. It's unlikely you'll have any major health issues here. If you're travelling to a smaller Chinese city then food poisoning is a possibility. Be careful what you eat, and take plenty of Immodium.

Sadly even the locals often get food poisoning in the Philippines, so it's just something you might have to put up with.

Speaking from personal experience, I've had much worse problems with food poisoning in Spain and Greece than I have in Asia.

Jet Lag

Be aware that jet lag is a big problem if you're travelling to Asia from the USA or Europe. The best remedy is to try to adjust to the local time as soon as you get there. But it generally takes one day for every hour's time difference for the body to completely adjust.

One big problem with jet lag is that it can make your brain fuzzy. It's often a good idea to schedule a couple of days at the start of your trip where you aren't going to meet any ladies. Give your body time to adjust to its new surroundings and you'll be better placed to make important judgements such as whether a lady is a suitable wife for you. Some ladies do of course want to meet you as soon as you've got off the plane. Bear in mind that not many Asian ladies have travelled far overseas, so they often don't have any idea of what jet lag feels like.

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