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The Transpacific Marriage Agency (TMA) is an introduction agency that specialises in matchmaking Western men with Japanese women. The agency has a large number of members. Some member profiles are available on the agency's website, whereas other members choose to only use the paper based matchmaking system.

A marriage agency like TMA can help you find the Japanese wife of your dreams, but it's much easier if you're already living in Japan

The men and women registered with the agency are from a wide range of ages, but most members are in the 25-45 year old range. Male members tend to be mostly American, but there are Europeans, Canadians and Australians.

The Japanese female members are very lovely. They tend to be marriage minded and are open to the possibility of marriage to a Westerner.

Not all of the Japanese women speak English. Many have good educations and good careers. Most Japanese ladies have travelled extensively overseas, so they tend to be a lot more clued up about foreign countries than the Chinese and Thai women you'll meet on dating sites.

Transpacific Marriage Agency does have a few problems. The system of getting lady's profiles is very old fashioned, being paper based and similar to that used by mail order bride companies in the 1970's and 1980's. Although profiles are emailed to you on a monthly basis, the format is based on Adobe Acrobat, and the scanning quality is quite low. This is particularly disappointing in that the photos of the members are very poor. The process of finding a Japanese wife is also painstakingly slow, and TMA isn't a quick way of finding love. If you're a man in a hurry, then it's usually a better idea to look for a Chinese wife instead. There are huge numbers of Chinese alpha females looking for Western husbands, but that's another story...

Another problem with TMA is that there's no facility for specifying location of ladies you'd like to meet. Japan is a very long country, and it's super expensive to travel on the Shinkansen or Limited Express between cities. I decided to focus on a particular prefecture of Japan, but the first lady who got in touch with me lived several hundred kilometres away. She looked lovely, but location is a very important factor for me.

Transpacific Marriage Agency isn't a widely known agency, so there isn't much information available about it. Be rest assured that the company is genuine, and the ladies are real. I've been in the Japanese dating scene for a while, and in time you get to recognise the ladies. So without going into too much detail, take it from me these ladies do actually exist.

One nice thing about the Transpacific Marriage Agency is that they give you additional insider information on how to find a Japanese wife. Most of it will help you only if you're already living in Japan. But the knowledge is very useful, and not easy to come by from other sources.

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Alternatives to the Transpacific Japanese Marriage Agency

I've been looking for a Japanese wife for a while, but with limited success. Problems are:

  1. I don't live in Japan. This is a huge issue, as few Japanese ladies want to live overseas.
  2. There aren't many Japanese women who are interested in marrying foreign men. Maybe for cultural reasons Japanese ladies aren't so proud of having a Western husband as a Chinese, Thai or Filipina lady would be. I went on Chinese Cupid and was swamped with interest from female members, but on Japan Cupid there was only tumbleweed, and the odd cougar. The Chinese ladies aren't just after money or green cards - many of the ladies I was chatting to had a better job than me, and one even had an MBA!
  3. I'm not American! Asian ladies always seem to prefer to marry an American man, never mind that their image of the typical Western man is usually learnt from movies.

It's worth signing up to Japan Cupid. It's likely that many of the Transpacific Marriage Agency ladies will be on this site as well. Japan Cupid is about the best Japanese dating site available. However, many of the Japanese women haven't posted photos of themselves, so it's difficult to work out if they're scammers or are just shy.

If you prefer marriage agencies rather than online dating, there's also another Japanese introduction agency called Meet Japan Lady. The agency has offices in the USA and Tokyo. Unlike Transpacific Marriage Agency, Meet Japan Lady will give you a lot more support, and help to arrange meetings with Japanese ladies who want to meet you. The agency is small, but the hand picked Japanese ladies are delightful.

So if you're looking for a Japanese wife then Transpacific Marriage Agency is worth a look. But you'll probably have limited success in finding a Japanese wife through the agency unless you're already living in Japan.

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