Which Are the Best Asian Dating Sites?

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I've been looking for an Asian wife for quite a while now. In this time I've used a fair number of the Asian dating sites available. Unlike most other people writing about Asian dating, I have actually used these sites, so I've been able to find out how good they *really* are. Beware of fake review sites on the Internet, this site is primarily based on real life usage of these sites.

So onto the best Asian dating sites... Which are the best ones?

Chnlove stands out as having the best looking ladies I have ever seen on a dating site. Log onto Plenty of Fish and you'll struggle to find someone you'd ever want to go on a date with. But the Chnlove ladies, well there's over 10,000 of them and most of them are slim, gorgeous and you'd do anything to go on a date with them. Sadly it's a bit of smoke and mirrors - most of the ladies on the site have had their photos professionally taken and there's a fair bit of digital cosmetic surgery going on. However, I know many men (including myself) who have met ladies through Chnlove and in most cases the ladies have actually looked as good if not better in real life. Special mention must be made of the ladies from Hubei and Hunan provinces - they are simply stunning.

On the downside Chnlove is expensive and if you're serious about finding a Chinese bride then you'll easily end up spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars on that site.

A flat rate dating site is better value. Cherry Blossoms is the best value of all the subscription dating sites. The good thing about Cherry Blossoms is that the ladies are from a wide range of Asian countries, so if you can't decide between a Chinese, Thai or Filipina bride then you'll have plenty of opportunities to talk to ladies from each of these countries.

Unfortunately the Cherry Blossoms site is a bit clunky and is a bit behind its competitors technology wise. The trial period is also time limited.

The Cupid Media Asian dating sites are especially good places to meet professional Asian women

The Cupid Media sites are probably the best all round Asian dating sites. They offer unlimited trial memberships so you can sign up and see if the site is for you. The downside is that you have to sign up to each one separately. Chinese Cupid is good for Chinese ladies. Thai Love Links is for Thai ladies, and there's Filipino Cupid for the Filipinas. If you're not sure which country you want an Asian bride for then there's also Asian Dating (sometimes known as AsianEuro). If you're looking for an Asian bride from a more developed country then take a look at Hong Kong Cupid, Japanese Cupid or Korean Cupid.

All of the Cupid dating sites have first rate search facilities. You can save searches for reuse. It's also really easy to find members in your local area. The Cupid sites tend to attract a higher class of dating site member, and there are plenty of Asian ladies on all of the sites who are a world away from mail order brides. So if you want to date an alpha female from an Asian country, then these are good sites to sign up to.

The Cupid Asian dating sites are not aimed at the mail order bride market - they are also good places for women to meet alpha male Asian husbands.

The AFA/LoveMe Asian dating sites are also worth a look. This company operates a huge number of different dating sites including Foreign Ladies. They have offices in China and the Philippines, and their romance tours are worth going on if you want some hand holding on your first trip to Asia.

If you want to try free Asian dating, then the best free Asian dating site is DateInAsia. Plenty of men have found good Asian wives on DateInAsia. Just bear in mind it's a bit of a free for all, so consider it the Mos Eisley of the Asian dating world. There are plenty of scammers and other Greedos on the site, but also tens of thousands of decent Asian ladies. It's a particularly popular place for finding Filipina ladies to chat to.

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So this is a brief overview of the various Asian dating sites available. The Cupid Media dating sites are probably the best Asian dating sites available, so they should be the first ones you try out.

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