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Here's a guide to dating Thai singles. Thai brides are still tremendously popular, even given the rise in popularity of Chinese or Filipina Asian wives as far as international dating is concerned.

Thai Cupid - Why Find Love in Thailand?

The good thing about Thai dating is that so many Western men have married Thai brides that a lot is known about the ins and outs of Thai brides. Thai women are also much more realistic about what they can expect from a marriage to a Western man. In fact most Thai women usually have a friend or a family member who has already married a Western man.

There are also a lot of Western expats living in Thailand, maybe many more than there are in countries such as Japan, China or the Philippines. So Thai women are much more used to seeing Western men. In fact there are some villages in Northern Thailand where most of the houses in the villages are owned by Western men with Thai wives.

Thailand also has other advantages. It's easy to travel to, being a popular vacation destination. You don't need to mess around with visas like you do with China. English is widely spoken in Thailand, unlike in other parts of Asia.

Thai Online Dating

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In the days of the mail order bride the main way of finding a Thai bride was to go to one of the marriage agencies specializing in mail order brides. They'd often have printed catalogues. Sometimes a lady would fly to meet the man in his Western country and there they would meet for the first time.

These days things are much different. There isn't much of a mail order bride industry to speak of. Western countries are now much more strict about who they'll let into the country. Immigration is a big political issue. In order to get your Thai bride a green card or fianc? visa you'll have to satisfy your authorities that you can support her in your country. You'll also usually have to prove that your relationship is genuine. So this means that you'll have to prove that you've actually met your wife in person and that you have a genuine, loving relationship.

As far as finding Thai single ladies goes, the main choices are either to look for a Thai marriage agency or venture onto some Thai dating sites.

There are a number of Thai marriage agencies in Thailand. Sign up to one of these and you can get a list of Thai single ladies looking for marriage to Western men. Marriage agencies usually interview the ladies so that they can weed out scammers and perform basic background checks. Two popular Thai marriage agencies are Thai Professional and Anglo Thai Introductions. Good things about both these agencies is that they have a fixed fee for their services. They'll help you every step of the way, from helping with your travel plans for visiting Thailand, to suggesting ladies you might like to meet and then helping with marriage and visa plans.

On the downside, marriage agencies tend to have a smaller selection of Thai ladies than you can see on a Thai dating site. And a marriage agency can do all the background checking in the world, but there's no guarantee that the lady you choose will turn out to be a great wife.

Instead of a Thai marriage agency, why not sign up to a Thai singles dating website? There are lots of these available. Examples are ThaiKisses, SweetSingles, Thai Date Club and Thai Matches. Most of the sites offer totally free membership so you can sign up and browse the photos of the beautiful Thai ladies on the site. On most sites you can't contact the ladies unless you join as a full member. Most of the sites are aimed at foreign men seeking Asian brides.

Be wary of letter writing sites such as Thai Matches or Foreign Ladies. These charge you every time you send or receive a letter from a Thai woman. This fee includes the use of a translator to seamlessly translate your letter into Thai, and the lady's response back into English. While this makes it possible to communicate with non-English speaking Thai ladies, it can work out expensive. It's also an incentive for unscrupulous dating sites to invent fake ladies and charge you even if the lady speaks English, or she's already in a relationship.

A better option is to use a flat rate dating site such as Thai Kisses or Thai Love Links. Sign up for membership and you can chat to as many Thai singles as you want. On these sites a lot of the ladies sign themselves up to the site, using their computers they have access to at work, at home, or in an internet caf?. Thai Love Links in particular attracts a lot of single professional Thai ladies, many of whom speak very good English. These ladies can make excellent wives. But bear in mind that Thai alpha females can be a lot more choosy about their choice of partner! They are much less likely to want to marry men much older than themselves.

By the way, these sites mentioned are specific to Thai singles. If you think you might also want to speak to ladies from other Asian countries then it may be better to sign up to a site like Cherry Blossoms or Asian Dating (Asian Euro). One fee allows you to talk to ladies from Thailand, China, the Philippines and other Asian countries.

On all Thai dating sites it is essential to be on the lookout for scammers. Increasing numbers of Thai bar girls supplement their income by having part time Western boyfriends who send them money and gifts. If this is the kind of relationship you want, then that's fine. But if you're marriage minded then it's essential to avoid these types of lady. If you've visited Thailand then you'll probably have no problem spotting these types of ladies. If not, well then they usually list their occupation as self employed, they'll be in the 20-30 age range and they often smoke or have tattoos.

As well as bar girls, also bear in mind that professional dating site scammers are on the increase. Often these aren't Thai women at all, but African men pretending to be Thai girls! These men are normally after money. They scam both men and women, and you can find them on even the largest household name dating sites like eHarmony. Fortunately they're easy to avoid - NEVER send money to anyone you meet on a dating site! Send small gifts. Send chocolate. Send teddy bears. Never send money. By the way, also be wary of Thai girls who say they're working overseas, this is often a cover story that an African dating site scammer will use to explain their presence in Africa rather than Thailand.

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Alternatives to Thai Dating

There are all kinds of alternatives to Thai dating. Increasing numbers of men are now seeking Asian wives from China rather than Thailand. If my recent visit to London was anything to go by then I'd say that English men are now much more likely to find Chinese brides rather than Thai brides. Advantages of Chinese brides include the fact that there are some exceptionally beautiful women in China. The women on Chinese singles sites like Chinese Cupid are also usually highly educated with good jobs in China.

The Philippines is another alternative to Thailand. The Philippines is increasingly popular as an entertainment destination. Men are increasingly visiting Manila and Cebu instead of Bangkok. Finding a Filipina wife isn't that difficult - there are thousands, and maybe even millions of single Filipino women who are seeking Western husbands online.

Other countries in Asia are now much more easy to visit so a few men are choosing to find Asian brides from other countries such as Indonesia, Vietnam and even Laos. While it's perfectly possible to find a wife from one of these countries, bear in mind that it's going to be a bit of a voyage into the unknown. If you don't know a lot about the country then you might find it hard going should you run into difficulties.

Russian singles are also popular with Western men. There is apparently a man shortage in Russia, so Russian ladies often seek husbands from overseas. Here's a whole website devoted to Russian mail order brides.

So if you're interesting in finding marriage minded Thai singles then check out some marriage agencies or dating sites, and see if you like the idea of finding a Thai wife.

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