How to Avoid Thai Girls Scams on Thai Dating Sites

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Thai online dating is very popular and Thai ladies are still tremendously popular as Asian brides. However, Thai girls are well known for the various types of scam they operate. If you want to find a Thai bride, then don't fall for Thai girls scams.

Money Scams

Thai girls wanting to scam men are usually after one thing - money. So if you want to avoid a scam, then just don't send any girl money. It's as simple as that! Hats off to DateInAsia for banning any male member found to have sent money to an Asian girl they met through the site.

Thai dating is a particular hazard due to the number of Thai girls working as bar girls or prostitutes in Bangkok, Pattaya and Thailand's other entertainment hotspots. Many of these girls supplement their real life income with some income derived from the virtual world. A great way for them to make some extra cash is by getting a few Western gentlemen to send them the occasional $50. Many girls successfully juggle 4-5 guys like this. Money goes a long way in Thailand, so it can be a great way for these girls to make a living.

Thankfully the money scammers are pretty easy to spot. Only the most brazen of the girls will directly ask you for money. Instead the common tactic is to tell you a sad story which prompts you to open your wallet. A sick family member, a sick pet, unpaid hospital bills, money for a mobile phone, or other domestic tragedy are all common stories you'll hear. These girls aren't always terribly imaginative, so they often copy the same old stories from other girls they know.

Avoiding scammers is quite difficult on dating sites, especially if you're an older guy looking for ladies under the age of 30. My best tip is to look for ladies closer to your own age and who have full time jobs in careers that have nothing to do with Thailand's entertainment industry. Look for teachers, office ladies and other professional ladies. Keep the age difference to under 10 years and you'll find a much more loving and devoted Thai bride.

Green Card and Visa Scams

Small internet cafes operate all over Asia, and they're popular places for Asian girls running dating site scams

Foreign ladies in many countries like the idea of an American green card or a Visa for another Western country. And in some cases they'll marry anyone in order to get it.

Visa scam girls are more difficult to spot, as they have a longer term game plan from the money scammers. But here are some clues to look out for:

  • I'm wary of Thai girls on sites like Thai Love Links who say they want to find a Western husband from a particular country. Does this mean they already have a family or worse still a boyfriend in the country and just need a visa mule to get them their green card?
  • Girls who say they are looking for a man from 18-80 are more likely to be scammers.
  • If your relationship looks too good to be true, then maybe it is.

If you have any doubts, It's often better to get your Thai girl over to your country on a fiance visa. This gives you a good opportunity to get to know her very well, and any cracks in your relationship will probably appear during this time.

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Thai Dating Site Scams

Sites like Thai Matches and Foreign Ladies operate on a pay per letter basis. Letters you send to a Thai lady are translated into Thai, and her response is translated back into English. While this means you can easily communicate with a Thai lady who has limited English language knowledge, these sites are expensive. Rather more disturbingly, the sites are wide open to abuse. Fake profiles can be posted, ladies can be invented. I know for a fact that you can send a lady emails, even if she is already in a relationship with another guy. So either you're getting taken for a ride (getting charged to send letters to a lady who is already spoken for), or the guy she's in a relationship is going to get taken for a ride should a better offer come along.

By all means use these sites, but be aware that many men end up spending more than $1000 on these sites in a few months, whereas an annual subscription to Thai Love Lines or Thai Love Links or Thai Kisses could cost you less than $200. Sure you might have communication issues, but there are plenty of English speaking ladies on the site as well.

Thai Girl... Or African Man?

One thing to be wary of is that that Thai girl you're chatting to on a dating site might not be a Thai national, or even a girl! I've seen evidence that there are scammers from the Middle East and Africa operating on Chinese Love Links. In the case of an African scammer I heard about, the would be scam victim was fortunate enough to have business interests in Africa, so they immediately recognised the international dialing code of the scammer's mobile phone.

So it's safe to assume that the African scammers have infiltrated pretty much all of the Asian dating sites. Often they steal profiles from other dating sites. A good way of detecting these scammers is to insist on a webcam session with your lady, so you can make sure she looks like her dating profile photos. Talking of photos, don't ever chat to a lady without photos on her profile!

If you're on a webcam session, it's best to use standard software like Skype or MSN. Be sure that the webcam session really is live - some scammers pre-record a webcam session. Here the trick you can use is to point out something in the background and see if they turn round to look at it. Also ask them to hold up a hand or something so you know that you're actually speaking to someone in real time.

By the way, be very suspicious of Thai ladies claiming to be living and working overseas. This is often a cover to explain why a scammer isn't in Thailand. Preserve your longest bargepole for anyone claiming to be an aid worker. Being an aid worker is a great excuse for a scammer having a legitimate reason to be in West Africa or the Middle East. If you want a Thai bride, stick to ladies who are actually living and working in Thailand.

So hopefully these tips can help you avoid the common Thai girl scams and make it easier to find your dream Thai bride on one of the many online Thai dating sites.

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