5 Tips For Successful Online Asian Dating

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Here are 5 Tips for successful online dating of Asian ladies. With preparation you could find the Asian lady of your dreams.

Know What You Want

Asian dating sites are awash with ladies. So before you start randomly emailing ladies to find an Asian date online, it's a good idea to have some notion of what you are looking for in an Asian wife. Some things to think about are:

  • What country do you want to look for an Asian wife?
  • What age range are you looking at?
  • Does it matter if she has children?
  • Would you want her to live in your country after marriage, or do you want to live in Asia?
  • What sort of physical characteristics are you looking for?
  • Do you want a career lady or just somebody who is content in being a homemaker.
  • Do you want your lady to follow a specific religion?
  • Does it matter if she doesn't speak or write much English?

While some people (especially women) think this shopping list type of approach seems a bit odd, be rest assured that we all have a shopping list of characteristics we'd like to see in a potential partner.

Avoid Timewasters

Dating sites are awash with timewasters. You're far more likely to come across a timewaster than a scammer.

Free dating sites are notorious for timewasters, so stay well away from them. Free dating sites are especially popular with people who are already in a relationship, and if they lie about that then they'll be just as likely to lie about other aspects of their life.

Many ladies sign up to dating sites just because their one of their friends found a Western husband. If you come across one of these ladies (it's quite likely) then just make sure that they are serious about marrying a Westerner.

Although dating sites such as Thai Cupid have thousands of female members, the majority of them don't often sign into the site. It's better to choose ladies who have signed into their accounts at least once in the last month. Ladies who have made an effort to fill out their profiles are also a better bet.

Avoid Scam Ladies

Sadly there are scammers on most dating sites, so be wary at all times. The most dangerous thing to do on a dating site is to fall in love with somebody too quickly. Try to avoid falling in love with somebody you've never met in person. In the early stages of a relationship, keep things businesslike. That way you'll be less likely to become one of the many people who end up sending their life savings to a scammer.

Scams take many forms, but to be perfectly honest none of them are particularly sophisticated. Remember that love clouds our judgement and makes us more vulnerable to scammers.

Before getting too involved with an Asian lady, you must ensure she actually exists. The only way to do this is to see her on webcam or visit her in person.

By the way, avoid any Asian lady who claims she is working in Africa. The majority of dating site scammers live in West Africa, so while it's sad to have to write off a whole continent, the risks just aren't worth it. Also be wary of any Asian lady (particularly China) who claims she can easily get a visa to visit you in a Western country. Single Asian ladies do not generally find it easy to get visas.

Be Realistic About Costs

Finding an Asian bride can be an expensive business. So be realistic about costs before you get too involved with your quest for an Asian wife.

If your financial means are limited then a good option is to use one of the Thailand based introduction agencies. These normally have a fixed fee for which they will introduce you to ladies plus handle visa arrangements and other paperwork.

The most expensive part of the quest is usually the trip to Asia. To keep costs down it's a good idea to make contact with some ladies before you travel. Get to know them then you'll be much better prepared before you arrive in Asia. Make sure you've got your chosen lady or ladies to answer any showstoppers, like making sure she would want to live in your country after marriage.

Even if you are prepared then bear in mind that your first trip to meet beautiful Asian women doesn't always result in finding the lady of your dreams. Although you can find out a lot about a lady via email and webcam sessions, it's difficult to judge if there is any chemistry between you both until you actually meet in person.

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Avoid Expensive Dating Sites

A lot of sites for Asian dating online are free to sign up to, but every time you email the lady you are charged a credit. This is a very expensive way of conducting a relationship. This type of business model is also open to scams. Ladies can be invented, standard letters sent without the lady knowing about them etc. etc. Stay well clear of these sites if you can. Examples are Chnlove and Asian Beauties.

Remember that most Filipinas can write pretty good English, so if you're looking for an Asian bride from the Philippines then there's no point using a translator. Many Chinese and Thai ladies require a translator to help them since they don't usually write good English. This makes it more difficult to get round the translator issue. A good tip for Thai ladies is to use an introduction agency - these usually charge a flat rate fee which includes the help of a translator. China has a vast population so finding somebody who can write some English won't be difficult - try Chinese Cupid. Be wary of ladies who suggest you move from flat rate sites such as Cherry Blossoms and Chinese Cupid to a pay per email site like Chnlove.

Good luck, and have a great time with Asian online dating.

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