Stickman's Guide to Living and Working in Thailand

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The Asian Dating Sites Guide contains many articles about dating Asian women. My main experience with Asian dating is with online dating sites and with Chinese women. At the time of writing I've never been to Thailand, and I've never dated Thai women (but I know several men with loving and devoted Thai wives).

Asian street food is one of the many attractions of living in or visiting Bangkok

If you're interested in finding a Thai wife or girlfriend then a top notch online resource is Stickman Bangkok. Stickman and his writers have seemingly been writing about living and working in Thailand for as long as the internet has been around. There is a mass of practical information covering pretty much any aspect of living in Thailand, or just visiting for a vacation. You'll find information about:

  • Visa services.
  • Retirement in Thailand.
  • The best bars and restaurants to visit.
  • Working and traveling in Thailand.
  • Teaching English, and a realistic overview of the language teaching industry in South East Asia.
  • Information about hotels and rental apartment buildings (including which hotels are "lady guest" friendly).
  • Dating Thai ladies, whether for short term or long term relationships.

Many farangs go to Thailand for a couple of weeks on vacation. After visiting the tropical paradise that is the Land of Smiles, they return to farangland with a determination to make a permanent move to Thailand. Stickman is the essential reality check you need to help you make a sensible decision about spending more time in Thailand.

Most of Stickman's articles are focussed on Bangkok. This is understandable, since it's where most foreigners end up in Thailand, at least at first. But there's also plenty of information about other places including Pattaya and Chiang Mai. There's also a fair bit of information about neighboring countries. The Philippines is being increasingly seen as a popular destination, especially if you like Asian ladies. There's also some information about Vietnam and China - both of these are also places where it's possible to find top quality Asian women.

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Stickman Bangkok Readers' Submissions

The Stickman Bangkok Weekly Column is unmissable if you want to keep up to date with developments in the Land of Smiles. But don't forget the Stickman Bangkok readers' submissions part of the site as well. There are some exceptional submissions from readers. Many of the articles include information about travelling and working in Thailand. Submissions are written both by farang expats as well as some of the millions of foreigners who visit Thailand each year for some R & R.

Oh I have spent many hours reading the readers' submissions part of Stickman's website!

As you might expect, a good number of the readers' submissions concern Thai ladies, with occasional articles about Filipinas or Chinese women. If you're considering finding an Asian wife then you must do a lot of reading of the readers' submissions. Read until your eyes bleed! Actually, the color scheme of the site makes it quite easy to do this.

The take home message from the thousands of readers' submissions are that Asian ladies aren't always the exotic beautiful creatures that Western men believe them to be. In fact I'll say that men who find easy going, honest Asian ladies are sadly all too often in the minority. So learn from others's perspectives and experiences, and remember that finding a decent Asian lady can be a huge undertaking. Farangs may moan about their Western wives, but a lot of this is grass is greener syndrome, and things aren't always better in the LoS.

So before you sell all your possessions and move to the LoS then take time to read as much as you can of Stickman Bangkok. Whether you're interested in Thailand retirement, or just having a fun vacation, Stickman brings a great and realistic perspective to opportunities in the Land of Smiles.

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