How to Spot a Chnlove Chinese Dating Site Scam

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Chnlove is one of the largest and most popular dating sites for Western men wanting to find Chinese wives. Online dating sites can be dangerous places due to the numerous scammers operating on them. Here's some information about three typical scams that you might encounter while using Chnlove.

Chnlove operates in a completely different way to sites such as Cherry Blossoms or Chinese Love Links. These sites allow members to sign themselves up to the site, so it is a bit of a free for all. On these sites the biggest dangers are from scammers (who hope you send them money) and timewasters (ladies who spend all day chatting to men on dating sites in order to get them to send cash and gifts). Chnlove is different, so the scams are also different. On Chnlove the Chinese ladies are represented by marriage agencies who post their clients' profiles to the site. In theory this should stop the small time scammers and timewasters, and thankfully they're quite rare on Chnlove. However, Chnlove has its own particular scams. Common scams are listed below...

Newbie Flattering Scams

Chinese ladies and Chnlove can both be very confusing unless you really know what you're doing

When you first sign up to Chnlove, you'll no doubt be sent quite a few cupid notes from ladies who are interested in you. The problem is that many of them are usually way younger than you are, and wouldn't really be good choices of Chinese wives. The problem is that us newbie guys are flattered from the attention from such beautiful girls, so we're bound to want to start communicating with them.

My issue with this is that:
  • The ladies may not necessarily have given her permission for the agency to contact you. You might not even match the type of man she is looking for.
  • It's clear that in many cases the lady or her marriage agency haven't read your profile.
  • Many of the initial emails are cleverly written so that they can actually be sent to dozens of men, but when you receive one you think the lady has taken her time to compose the letter specifically for you.

Incidentally, the notorious Changsha Love Bridge Company are big users of this tactic, so be particularly wary of them.

Money Wasting Scams

These issues aren't really scams, although plenty of men would say that they are. The problem with Chnlove is that you pay them every time you send or receive an email from a Chinese lady. As a result, this makes it in the best interest for Chnlove and the Chinese marriage agencies to get as many emails sent and received as possible.

I've personally wasted my Chnlove credits on:

  • Duplicate letters from the same lady. If this happens to you then complain to Chnlove and they should refund your credits.
  • Having to spend money to read standard "you haven't contacted this lady for a few days, are you still interested in her?" emails. This got so bad that I had to instigate a policy of blocking any lady unless I was really sure I wanted to correspond with her.

Another way the marriage agencies can massively increase the volume of letters sent through the site is by writing lots of vague letters. If you ask a lady something then you won't always get your intitial question answered. So the only course of action is to write another letter, then another letter, and so on.

Credit Expiry Scams

OK so this isn't really a scam, but it's another way that Chnlove will make a grab for your money, so be aware of it. You have to use your credit card or paypal to pay for virtual money credits which you can use to pay for letters and other services on the site. The problem is that they expire after a few months. So if you take advantage of the volume discount credit purchase on the site you're effectively going to end up wasting a lot of money if you don't use all your credits up before they expire.

There really is no reason for Chnlove credits to expire, so the company really should look to changing this policy.

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Ladies Who Don't Exist

There's plenty of evidence that there are fake profiles on Chnlove. Thankfully the lady I met through the site did actually exist, and I had a great time visiting her in China. However, I do have my suspicions about one other lady I was emailing, but as I couldn't prove anything, I'll keep them to myself.

As always it's essential to organise a webcam session with a lady before you go as far as visiting her. If a lady is vague about webcams then choose another lady. Not all ladies have computers at home or at work, but internet cafes are widespread throughout China. The lady's marriage agency should also have webcam facilities, although again bear in mind that some ladies on Chnlove don't live in the same city or even the same province that their marriage agency is located in.

Expensive Agency Scam

I've seen some contracts between the lady and the Chinese marriage agency. The lady often agrees to pay a large sum of money should the agency find her a husband. Some of these sums are fantastically large sums of money in China - we're talking 2-3 years wages for the average Chinese lady. The sums involved are much higher than a Western woman would expect to pay for an introduction agency.

Just be aware that if you get to the marriage stage with your lady then you may have to resolve the contract issue. You may be hit with a large bill. First and foremost, remember that your lady signed the contract, not you. You do not need to pay this bill. However, in order to avoid your lady losing face, it's best to pay the agency some money. I'd suggest something $500, plus extra if they've helped you with marriage plans or visa applications.

English Language Scam

Finally I'd like to thank the Asian Dating Site Guide's readers for drawing attention to this one. The whole point of Chnlove is that the translation letter writing service allows you to send letters to ladies who don't speak much English. The problem is that there are a few ladies on the site who can actually write in English. But you still have to pay for the Chnlove letter writing and translation service in order to communicate with them! Is this a scam? It sure smells like one...

Airbrushed Photos

While not really a scam, it's certainly misleading. Bear in mind that some of the ladies (or the agencies working on their behalf) have posted extremely flattering photos of themselves on the site. If you're interested in dating one of the older ladies, then be sure to ask for natural photos before you fall too deeply in love with her studio photos. The good news is that many of the Chnlove ladies are very beautiful in real life, and plenty of men say that the ladies they visit are actually even more beautiful in the flesh.

Rogue Translators

Another problem with Chnlove is that the letters are translated by large numbers of different translators. Some are better than others. Mine was great, and I was really pleased with the quality of her translations.

Obviously some translators put more effort into their jobs than others, but bear in mind that the translators are working long hours for low wages, so treat them with respect.

The major problem is with the small number of rogue translators. These usually only come into play when you arrange to visit your lady in China. The translator will sometimes come to meet you at the airport, and escort you round town with your lady (for a fee of course). If you're visiting a lady who doesn't speak English then you don't really have much choice in the matter. It is pretty much impossible to communicate with Chinese people who don't speak English - China isn't like European countries where many of the words sound similar, so you can sometimes bluff your way in French or Spanish.

Problems that have happened with rogue translators include:

  • The translator tells the lady that the man doesn't like them (maybe the translator has her eyes on the man?)
  • The translator and lady work together to con the man out of money (expensive shopping trips are common, and sometimes the shops or restaurants you visit will be in on the game)

Rogue Ladies

Is your lady honest? You must find this out. There are plenty of dishonest Chinese ladies on Asian dating sites, and they're not always easy to spot. Being devious is a part of being Chinese (and a woman!).

Finally remember that China is a developing country and that many people want to leave for political or economic reasons. Thousands of Chinese leave China in shipping containers and on dangerous people trafficking routes. But if you're a beautiful lady then it's often much easier to get your profile on Chnlove and hope for a rich American man riding on a white horse to come and rescue you. There are many unsuitable ladies on Chnlove, and spotting them isn't at all easy. Be careful out there!

So while it is possible to meet beautiful ladies on Chnlove (and many men have met their wives on the site), Chnlove is fraught with issues. Have you experienced any other Chnlove scams? Add comments below.

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