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If you're interested in finding a Chinese wife then you might want to consider Shenzhen girls. Here's the lowdown on what Shenzhen dating offers Western men seeking Chinese brides.

First of all Shenzhen (SZ is its popular abbreviation) is one of China's greatest economic success stories. In 1979 the city was little more than a fishing village - now it's a massive city with a population approaching ten million!

Shenzhen is situated just across the border from Hong Kong in China's Guangdong Province. Shenzhen is home to a large number of globally important companies, as well as being a major manufacturing center. Consequently millions of economic migrants have been attracted to Shenzhen from other parts of China. Due to the number of offices, Shenzhen is awash with attractive and well educated single girls!

Meeting Shenzhen Girls

Shenzhen is a great place to look for single Chinese girls

Meeting girls who live in Shenzhen is easy. Sign up to an Asian dating website and you'll find plenty of single girls from Shenzhen. One site that's particularly highly recommended is Chinese Love Links. This site has large numbers of Shenzhen singles on it. You'll find plenty of professional ladies and many of them speak or write reasonable English. When you travel to Shenzhen, take a laptop or netbook computer with you, then you'll be able to tell ladies you're in Shenzhen and can meet them any time. Most Chinese hotels offer free internet access as standard.

While chatting to Shenzhen girls, a good ice breaker is to ask them what Province their family is from. Most Shenzhen girls are economic migrants from other provinces including Hubei, Sichuan and Hunan. It's also worth asking them if they have brothers and sisters. Single child girls are OK, but just bear in mind that she (and you if you marry her!) will be under much more of an obligation to look after her parents single handedly in their old age.

An alternative way of meeting Shenzhen girls is to sign up to one of AFA's Chinese romance tours. The tours are expensive, but if you've not traveled overseas much before, and don't know a great deal about the Chinese culture or language, then this could be the most convenient way to meet some marriage minded Chinese girls.

While Shenzhen girls are hot and sexy, it's always worth being on the lookout for undesirable ladies.

Shenzhen's economy is booming, and office ladies in the city can earn 3-4 times as much as they could in a smaller Chinese city. Like Shanghai, there are a large number of Shenzhen princesses who are preoccupied with shopping and having fun. While these beautiful girls can be fabulous to date, they might drain your wallet quicker than you can imagine.

Shenzhen's property market is also booming, and there are plenty of girls who have bought expensive apartments. If the bubble bursts, these girls could stand to lose everything. Be wary of these girls because I'm pretty sure a few of them saw me as mortgage repayment material, rather than husband material.

There are also quite a few scam ladies on Chinese dating sites. It's better to stick to the more marriage minded girls who are in their late 20's or 30's, as their families will be really anxious to see that they find a husband.

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Traveling to Shenzhen

If you're traveling to Shenzhen from the USA or Western Europe then usually the most economical way to get there is to find a flight to Hong Kong's international airport. From Hong Kong airport take the express train to Kowloon, then the KCR metro line to the border crossing at Lo Wu. Or take one of the many frequent buses to Shenzhen. The border crossing is usually quick and efficient, but it's a good idea to avoid crossing into the People's Republic at peak times of the year (especially Mid-Autumn and Chinese New Year).

Alternatively it's possible to fly to Guangzhou international airport from a wide range of other airports. There are good transport links between Guangzhou and Shenzhen, which include the Hexie Hao high speed trains from Guangzhou East station.

Before arranging your trip be sure to read up on visa requirements. Most people need a visa to visit China, and you usually have to apply for the Chinese visa in your own country. The visa application form is a little complicated, and many people prefer to use the services of a travel company to supply the visa on their behalf.

Have fun dating Shenzhen girls!

Chat to 1000's of Hot Chinese Women Tonight!

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