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Women from Shanghai are numerous on Chinese dating sites like Chinese Love Links and Chinese Kisses. So is it worth dating Shanghai women?

Boutique shopping is an essential part of Shanghai life

If you do a lot of searching and chatting to women on a site like Chinese Love Links then you'll find that not all the ladies in a particular city are actually from that city, or even from the same province. It's very common for women in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou and Shenzhen to move from other provinces in search of better paid jobs. In many cases they live in their adopted cities for most of the year, only returning to their families around the Chinese new year. In fact, when I was chatting to Shenzhen women I struggled to find any ladies who were actually Cantonese natives from Guangdong Province.

If you're interested in international dating and want to find Chinese girls to meet on a trip to China, then Shanghai is a good choice of destination to visit. There is an international airport in Shanghai with a wide range of flights to Europe and North America.

As to Shanghai women, well Shanghai is a lot wealthier than most other Chinese cities. If you do some dating site searches for Chinese ladies from Shanghai then you'll come across loads of ladies with a good University education. Sometimes this is to postgraduate level and they may even have a degree from an American or European university. Invariably the majority of the better educated ladies will speak some or fluent English. Generally in China a good knowledge of English helps greatly in getting a more highly paid job.

The downside to Shanghai women is that they are sometimes called Shanghai princesses. These girls are common in most Chinese cities these days, but they are especially numerous in Shanghai. Needless to say, shopping and partying forms a major part of these girls' lives. If you date these girls and you're marriage minded, then make sure you find a girl who is marriage minded as well. Many Chinese girls are curious about having a Western boyfriend, especially if he's rich!

There are other issues regarding dating Shanghai women. Shanghainese families tend to be matriarchal, with the woman assuming a powerful role in the household. Consequently a Shanghai woman might not necessarily be a good choice of Chinese bride if you're more interested in finding a shy and submissive Asian bride.

Shanghai also has a different dialect of the Chinese spoken language called Shanghainese. It depends on the individual lady, but don't assume your lady from Shanghai has a good knowledge of Mandarin. Thankfully though, all written forms of Chinese use the same language.

Chat to 1000's of Hot Chinese Women Tonight!

If you want to chat to Shanghai women online, then check out a site like Asian Dating or Chinese Love Links. DateInAsia also offers 100% free Chinese dating, although the site is a lot more basic than the subscription sites.

Chat to 1000's of Hot Chinese Women Tonight!

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