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Looking for love later in life? There are plenty of options for senior dating. Here's some senior dating inspiration...

Senior Dating Websites

There are plenty of mature but still beautiful ladies in Asian countries including Japan, China, Thailand and the Philippines

There are a few niche dating sites for senior dates. Examples include Senior Date (a popular Danish dating site), Senior Date Link and Senior Dating Online. Senior Date itself is marketed at the over 40 age bracket of single person. The site was established in 2002, and is a particularly popular senior dating site. As well as offering online dating, Senior Date also has an events calendar where you can meet like minded singles.

Online dating can be a bit hit and miss, so it's worth looking for an introduction agency that specialises in senior dating. Introduction agencies tend to do much more background checking of their members. The better ones also employ a human matchmaker to suggest people worth meeting. Introduction agencies often cost a lot more than dating sites, but you'll usually find you have much less chance of meeting unsuitable potential partners through an agency.

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Asian Dating for Seniors

Increasing numbers of American and European men are choosing to find partners from Asian countries. Asian ladies tend to age gracefully. They also don't often smoke or drink, and men seeing them as making loyal and devoted wives. Men looking for Asian wives tend to be in the second time around dating category. Many of them are over 40, and are usually divorced. If you're in this category then there are plenty of options available for finding a wife from Asia.

If you want to find a younger Asian wife then it's often easier to find her in Thailand or the Philippines. Huge numbers of Filipino women want to marry Western men. But Western men usually look for Asian brides in Thailand or increasingly in China. The Philippines can be more dangerous to visit than either Thailand or China, but if you're willing to take the risk then you'll find tens of thousands of beautiful voluptuous women who would make very devoted wives. Thailand is also a good choice and there are plenty of introduction agencies like Thai Professional that specialise in finding Thai brides for older men. It's more complicated to find a bride from China due to the huge language and cultural barrier. But older Chinese ladies age very well, and take it from me - the mother of the Chinese girl I met in China was one of the most beautiful older women I've ever seen.

If you don't like Asian women then don't worry - there are plenty of other alternatives. Russian wives are popular for men who have been previously been married. Due to wars and vodka, there's a severe shortage of older Russian men. Consequently Russian women who want to marry older men often look for love overseas. Visit the Russian Dating Sites Guide for more information about the Russian dating scene. Eastern European countries like the Ukraine and the Baltic States are also popular choices.

There's also the Central and South American option. These regions are stacked with beautiful women and are seen as an increasingly attractive place to find love. They're good places to look if you're an American guy, as it's not so far to travel in search of love.

For increasing numbers of seniors, retirement to Asia is also an attractive option. The winters in Northern European countries such as Denmark or Norway can be long and cold. In comparison, the temperature in Thailand rarely falls below 25 degrees centigrade, and there's plenty of sunny weather.

So whatever your age, there are all kinds of dating options available. Senior dating offers a world of opportunity, so sign up to some online dating sites and start looking for that special somebody.

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