How to Search for Ladies on Asian Dating Sites

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One of the problems (and it is a nice problem) with Asian dating sites is that many of them have just so many profiles on them. Take Chnlove for example - the site now has more than 10,000 Chinese ladies listed on the site, and the number is growing rapidly. In 2009 there were less than 8000! So how do you search for your special lady amongst so many personals? Here are some tips on searching dating sites for your dream partner...

The first tip is to stay away from free dating sites. Free Asian personals websites usually have fairly basic search facilities. Furthermore, free dating sites have a lot of duplicate profiles (because it costs nothing to sign up multiple times). Free dating sites also attract the kinds of people who are not really serious about finding a partner.

When people search dating sites, their searches often result in pages and pages of search results. Different sites present search results in different orders. Many use the sneaky trick of showing the most popular (most attractive?) people first. If you do a bit of hunting then you can often find really lovely ladies way down in the search results. These ladies often get a lot fewer admirers than the ladies listed on the first couple of pages, so if you contact them they'll be really glad you took the time to find them.

Another way of sorting through so many profiles is to do different types of searches. Usually it's best to search on important factors like age or marital status. But why not throw in a few other criteria, like the lady's location, or even height and weight. That way you'll get different batches of ladies in the search results and you might find women you've previously overlooked.

If the site you're using allows you to draw up a shortlist then use it. It's a good idea to add ladies you're interested to the shortlist. Then you can go back later and have another think about them.

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Whatever site you're using, it's best to avoid girls who are younger than 25. Why? Well if you're an older guy then these girls are most likely golddiggers or scammers. Even if they're genuine then they're usually too young to know what they want out of life.

Even if you're younger than 30 you should think twice about dating an Asian girl you've met on an Asian dating site. If you're a young Western guy who wants an Asian girlfriend then it's going to be much cheaper and easier to just date one of the numerous Chinese or other Asian students that study abroad in Western countries. To give one example, my local University has over 800 Chinese students. OK so they're not all female, but the Chinese girls in this group are overwhelmingly in the 18-25 age group. Furthermore, they all speak and write reasonable English, and they are much more familiar with Western culture. Failing that, another great option is to go to China or Japan and teach English for a year or two. This would be a fantastic opportunity to find an Asian wife, and given that you're already on their home territory, you'll have your pick of the girls on Asian dating sites.

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