Saving Money While Searching for an Asian Wife

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We all like saving money where we can, so here are some tips to saving money while looking for an Asian wife.

First of all please bear in mind that finding an Asian wife is expensive. Let's take an example. To find a Chinese wife, get married in China and and bring her back to the USA, Canada or a European country will probably cost you around $10,000. This isn't a cheap way to find a bride. The most cost effective way of finding an Asian wife is to use the services of an introduction agency that charges an all inclusive fee for introductions and visa assistance. These are common in Thailand.

So here are some tips on saving money along the way. The less you can spend on wasted trips to Asia and on middle-men, the more money you have to spend on making your new bride feel special.


Before you rush off to meet her, it's essential to ensure that your Asian lady actually exists!

The first tip is to plan and research things meticulously. The easiest way to waste money is to jump on the next flight to Asia in order to meet the first girl you've spoke to on a Chinese dating site. Relationships are difficult and the only person you can rely on is yourself. Involve other people in anything you do and things can go wrong. You therefore need to be reasonably sure that your lady is serious about your relationship before you go and visit her. The best time to go and meet her is between and 3 and 6 months after first contact. Less than 3 months means you won't know her that well. More than 6 months and she will start to think that you're not serious about the relationship.

Needless to say, you must ensure that your lady really exists! You might think this is a dumb thing to write, but as the Sunday Times reported in 2010, people have lost their life savings to online dating scammers who they had only seen in photographs and talked to over the Internet or phone. Don't visit anyone you haven't seen on webcam. Ideally you should also send your special somebody a small gift, then verify that they actually received it (get them to send you a photo of them holding it).

If you're ready to make that trip, then you can save money on a trip to Asia by going out of season. Avoid flying during the Christmas or Chinese new year periods. Some countries like Thailand also have a peak vacation season when flights and hotels will be full.

Women are unpredictable, so if the lady you go to see doesn't turn up you need a plan. Some guys feel OK chatting to 2-3 ladies - this is alright but just don't make too many promises to the ladies you are going to let down. Make sure they don't fall in love with you, or you with them unless you're ready to commit to just one lady. If you're arranging a trip via an agency, then see if they have other ladies you can meet if your original lady isn't what you'd hoped for. Finally remember that some trips just turn out to be total wife meeting failures. Should this happen then just plan on having a great holiday, and a chance to learn about Asian culture - this will pay dividends when you talk to other ladies in future.

Location, Location, Location

This applies especially to China. China is a vast country, so don't get too involved with a lady who lives in a remote part of China. While visiting her might be a fun adventure, just remember that every time you or she wants to go back home and visit her folks that the trip will have to be repeated, no doubt at huge expense.

Some places in China are also fairly expensive to visit. Often these are the less likely places you might think. For example, hotels in Wuhan are expensive because there aren't many that cater for Westerners, and those that do are 5 star palaces. While you can get a lady to book a cheaper hotel for you, if you're going to China for the first time, you might not want to experience the horrors of Chinese budget hotels.

Internal flights in China are usually reasonably priced. But you'll save a lot of money if you don't have to take an internal flight to meet her.

So when looking at dating profiles, always take a lady's location into consideration. Bear in mind however that a lady doesn't always live where she says she does, and her family home is often somewhere other than where she's working. Confusing isn't it?

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Asian Dating Site Scams

Usually dating site costs are the least expensive part of finding an Asian wife.

It's good to be wary of sites that charge you every time you send or receive a letter from a lady. This can work out as a very expensive way of finding a partner. Sites that have this charging model include Chnlove and Foreign Ladies. Chnlove in particular can waste your money at an incredible pace. To save money, block any ladies you don't like so you don't have to pay for reminder emails from her agency. And as soon as you can, get the personal email address or QQ number of a lady you like so you can communicate without having to spend a fortune.

Dating sites that offer a flat rate fee are usually much better value. You can chat to as many ladies as you want, so it's much easier to find that dream lady. Most of the Asian dating sites offer a flat rate subscription model. Cherry Blossoms and the popular Cupid Media sites (Chinese Love Links, Filipina Heart, Thai Cupid etc.) all have this charging model. If you sign up for an annual subscription then the cost savings can be significant compared to the pay monthly fee.

So these are a few ways of saving money while you're looking for an Asian wife. Read the Asian Dating Sites Guide for more ideas on finding your dream Asian lady.

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