Older Men Dating Younger Asian Women? What's Going On Here?

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Let's explore a common theme with Asian lady/Western man dating - older men dating younger women.

Young Asian women are very lovely, but is it safe for an older man to date them?

Register for an Asian dating site such as Chnlove and you'll be bombarded with admirer letters from girls who are 15+ years younger than yourself. This tends to make new members of the site think that Asian women do indeed prefer much older men.

The reality is, however, a little different. Register with Chinese Love Links and you'll get much less interest from much the younger ladies. So what's going on?

The differences between the two sites is that the female members of Chnlove are added to the site by marriage agencies representing the ladies. These agencies get a cut of the money you have to spend when you write to these ladies. So it's in their interests to get you writing to beautiful young Chinese girls.

By comparison, Chinese Love Links has a flat rate subscription - once you've paid you can contact as many ladies as you like. And most of the ladies on Chinese Love Links have signed themselves up to the site. So they are generally much more selective about who they will send interests to.

Let's look at another site - Japan Cupid. Japan is an advanced economy and the average Japanese person is wealthier than most American or Europeans. It's not uncommon to see Japanese ladies on Japan Cupid who have visited more countries then you or I have. Heck, they may even have better paid jobs than us. So the average Japanese lady doesn't need to marry a Western man in order to improve her standard of living. The consequence is that there aren't many Japanese ladies on Japan Cupid looking for much older men to date. Having spent a lot of time on this site, I'd guess that most of the female members are looking for men who are no more than 2-3 years older than themselves. Obviously the over 40's are more accepting of a larger age difference, but this is pretty much the same as in any other Western country.

So if you're looking for a much younger woman then it's probably not worth looking in Japan or China. If you do want a younger Chinese lady then divorced ladies are more likely to be more accepting of an older Western man as they can find it hard to remarry in China. Of course the downside is that marriage should be for life, so if she's got divorced once will she do it again?

Thai and Filipino women are normally more accepting of older men, and it is more usual for older men to date younger women in these countries. Older men are usually much more wealthy. They usually have stable careers, and have a much better idea of what they want out of life. They're also likely to want to settle down with one woman. Although there are increasing numbers of "cougar" women dating younger guys, what these women may not know is that generally women who marry older guys tend to live longer (and men who marry younger wives also live longer).

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If you want to date a much younger woman then try a Thai or Filipino dating site. Remember the hazards though:

  • Asian ladies are fit! They tend to be much fitter than their Western sisters of the same age. A much younger Asian lady will wear you out.
  • The vast majority of Thai and Filipina dating site scammers and game players are in the 18-25 age group.
  • A younger lady will attract interest from other men in your local area. She could swap you in for a younger model.
  • You'll get a lot of stares if you walk round the average Western city with a much younger Asian babe on your arm. I guess this is partly why so many older men who are dating younger women tend to retire to either Thailand or the Philippines.
  • What's especially alarming is that it's not unknown for women to put out a contract on their older man's life in order to collect life insurance or other cash. A man with a gun costs as little as $120 in the Philippines. Mysterious deaths of Western men are also common in Thailand.

Any comments or thoughts on older men dating younger women? Add feedback below.

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