How to Meet Single Asian Women For Romance and Marriage

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Where's it best to meet a Asian single woman?

There are plenty of Asian dating websites that allow you to make contact with a single woman from a wide range of Asian countries. Sites are either free or have a subscription. Subscription dating sites generally have better search facilities. The quality of the membership is often higher than free sites. Free sites attract plenty of people in the "married but looking" category, as well as the obvious cheats and timewasters. Be wary of the letter writing sites that charge you every time you send or receive a letter from a lady as these sites can be very expensive over time.

Introduction agencies are generally better if you're more marriage minded and are looking for a partner who is serious about marriage. Introduction agencies specialising in finding Asian brides for Western men are especially common in Thailand and the Philippines - Thai Professional is one such example.

Finally there is the option of the romance tour. On one of these tours you'll get to meet dozens of Asian single women who are interested in marrying Western men. Tours are great if you're happier talking to women in person rather than via the Internet. The tour company will also help you get the most out of your trip to Asia. A romance tour is a great idea if you're never previously travelled to Asia.

Which Countries Have The Best Asian Women?

If you're looking for single Asian women then there is a huge choice of countries in which to look for her

Most men have a pretty good idea of which country they want to find an Asian bride from. This is good because it's essential to have some sort of idea of what you're looking for in an Asian wife. Just be wary of stereotypes - all women are different! We also have stereotypical views of different Asian countries, but if you travel there the reality is often different. One particular notion is that Chinese ladies are shy, but I've never met a single Chinese woman who was shy!

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This is general in the extreme, and again, all ladies are different, but here's a very general guide to Asian ladies:

  • Japan is an extremely wealthy country. Japanese ladies are smart and sophisticated. However, they are also quite shy and it's very hard to get a straight answer out of them. Japanese women can make fabulous wives, but finding a Japanese wife is hard work. To find a Japanese wife you really need to be a huge fan of Japanese culture, and ideally you'll want to go and live there for a year or two. Remember that Japan is extremely expensive, and if you want to find a Japanese wife, you'll probably need some serious cash in your wallet. Japanese ladies adore American men. If you're not American then it can be more difficult to find a Japanese bride, as Japanese ladies don't often know too much about men from other countries.
  • Chinese ladies are possibly the most beautiful of all the Asian ladies. If you go to central China (especially Hunan, Hubei or Sichuan Provinces) then I guarantee you will be stunned by the beauty of the local ladies - I know I was! However, the language and cultural barrier is immense. Many of the single Chinese women on dating sites don't speak or write much English. Chinese people are often devious, and it's so hard to trust them. Businesses who conduct business with Chinese companies invariably find this out. Many of the Chinese ladies on dating sites are fairly naive about what's really involved with marrying a Western man. Finally, the younger ladies who are the result of the one child policy can be very spoilt, so expect plenty of princess behavior at times! By all means look for a Chinese wife, but expect it to be much more difficult than finding a Thai or Filipino wife.
  • Thai ladies are lovely, and Thailand is an increasingly attractive retirement destination. Thai ladies usually know a friend or relative who has married a Western man. Consequently they have a good idea of what Western men are really like. On the downside, Thailand's huge adult entertainment industry means that there are many Thai ladies who are expert at parting men from their money. If you're looking for a Thai bride, you'll have to learn how to avoid these types of woman. Although it doesn't appeal to all men, it's also possible to date Thai ladyboys, and there are dating sites set up specifically for this purpose.
  • Filipino ladies are very friendly, and much more straight talking than other Asian ladies. The fact that many of them speak English is also a huge advantage. Approximately 10% of Filipino people work overseas. Consequently they have a much better idea of what it is like to live in other countries. On the downside there are many Filipina scammers on dating sites, so you'll really have to be careful in your dealings with Filipino ladies. The Philippines is also a very misunderstood place, and maybe Asia's best kept secret. It is being seen as an increasingly attractive alternative to Thailand as a tropical retirement destination. I have personally heard many good things about Filipino women, so you should carefully consider this option.
  • There are of course also lovely Asian women in South Korea, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia and other countries. South Korea is a cheaper alternative to Japan. If you want a Chinese wife but are worried about visa/green card scammers then Chinese ladies from Hong Kong are much less likely to be marrying you for the wrong reasons. Indonesia and Malaysia are good options for Muslim men looking for single Asian women. If you're Christian and want an Asian wife who is also Christian then the Philippines is the obvious place to look for an Asian bride. There is also increasing popularity in dating single women from Vietnam and other South East Asian countries. While the lure of the exotic is a strong one, remember that the less well known a country is as a destination for finding foreign brides, the more potential problems you could have.

Finally, remember to have fun and enjoy your search for a your dream single Asian woman. The search can be long and hard, but if it's any consolation each of the Asian ladies I have dated have been absolutely delightful, and I'm sure you'll find them the same. Good luck!

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