Meeting Your Asian Lady For the First Time

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Met somebody you like on one of the Asian dating websites? Your ultimate aim on a dating site is of course to meet a future partner, so it's natural that you should want to meet them in real life. Here's what you need to know about planning to meet a Chinese, Thai or Filipina lady for the very first time...


There are some beautiful ladies on Asian dating sites, so it's understandable that you'd want to hop on a plane and visit the first lady you feel a connection with.

However, it's better to wait a few weeks or months before you do. If you can get to know her online first, then you'll find the eventual meeting goes a lot more smoothly. Asian ladies tend to be a little shy about meeting new people, and they do like to take things slowly to start with.

The reverse is also true - don't wait too long! Asian ladies put up with a lot of nonsense from men on dating sites. They get cheated on by two timers. They get hit on by married men. They have to put up with men who have no idea of Asian culture, and start saying all kinds of inappropriate things. But what annoys the Asian ladies the most is the men who tell them all kinds of stuff they want to hear, but then never actually visit. You can make all the plans in the world, but unless you visit your Asian lady, she's under no obligation to commit to you. So you should really think about visiting a lady at least 6 months after your first contact with her. Any more and she will start to think that you're just not going to commit to anything.

Plan B

A lot of men have travelled to Asia only to find that their lady doesn't exist, or doesn't turn up to the first meeting, or any number of reasons.

While it's understandable to get mad about this, the fact is that Asian ladies are human, and many of them have human traits such as changing their mind, being forgetful, or just deciding at the last minute that they don't want a Western husband. At the end of the day they are also women, and they're really not much different to women in any other country. It happens, and the only way to get round it is to have a Plan B. Ideas for a Plan B are:

  • Go to visit two or more ladies in one trip. This is often a logistical nightmare. Remember that it's best not to tell a lady you're visiting another lady. The world should always revolve around her. It's tough letting down a lady, but a good way to mitigate her disappointment is to not build her hopes up too much in the first place. So keep the talk of engagements and marriages until you've decided which lady you like best. If your lady is represented by a marriage agency then see if they have other ladies you can meet. Touching base with a marriage agency will also help you out a lot in the future, as they will usually let you know of new ladies who register with them.
  • Why not try to make friends in your adoptive Asian country, then go visit them. Find contacts in the expat community, or find penpals and other friends on one of the Asian personals sites. Personal contacts are still the best way to meet an Asian partner.
  • Just go and have a damn good vacation in a foreign country! Even if you didn't meet a lady, or meet a lady you liked, then just think of it as a research trip for future visits. Asian ladies are impressed if you know a lot about their own country, and if you can name drop places, food or customs in a future correspondence with a lady then so much the better.

Will You Marry Me?

Should you propose to your Asian lady on your first trip to visit her? Men are a bit divided on this issue, so it's not so clear cut as other Asian bride issues.

Reasons for proposing include:

  • It shows you are committed, and there's a good chance that you really will marry your chosen lady, instead of disappearing never to be heard of again like so many men that look for Asian brides. Your lady will want you to propose!
  • Once a lady knows you are committed, she will (hopefully!) stop looking for other men.
  • Travelling to Asia is expensive, so you don't want to have to go out a second time just to propose to her, find an engagement ring etc.

Reasons against proposing on the first meeting are:

  • It's difficult to think straight when you're not on home territory. You're jetlagged, the food is different, the climate is different etc. etc.
  • Visiting a lady can be a bit of a whirlwind, especially if you haven't travelled to Asia or her country before. Going home to think things over could be a good idea.

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So at the end of the day you'll need to trust your gut instinct on this. If you can spend more than a couple of weeks with your lady then it's easier to know if she is the one.

Enjoy your trip to Asia!

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Chat to 1000's of Hot Chinese Women Tonight!

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