4 Great Ways to Meet Cute Korean Girls

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Korean ladies are often very beautiful. They're also often overlooked as potential foreign brides. If you want to find a Korean wife or girlfriend, then here's some ideas on how to meet beautiful Korean ladies.

Meeting Korean Girls in South Korea

Japan and South Korea are both very modern countries with high standards of living

Probably the best way of meeting a Korean girl is to live in South Korea for a while. South Korea would be an interesting place to live and work. There tend to be less Westerners there than there are in China or Japan, so you'll definitely get to experience many things that Westerners don't normally get to see or do.

Seoul is one of the major global international cities. Due to the strength of the South Korean economy with its multinational electronics and other companies, you may be able to find a job in South Korea. You'll improve your chances if you can speak some Korean and work in one of the fields for which South Korea is best known for.

Failing that there's always the teaching English as a foreign language option. Taking a year or two out to teach English is often a popular option. It usually helps if you're a native English speaker from a country such as the USA, Canada, Australia or the UK. Many Koreans like to learn English so you'll be able to meet loads of cute Korean girls.

Head for Japan

This may seen an odd suggestion. But if you're looking for a Korean girl to date, then it's possible that she might just be living in Japan and not South Korea. The two nations may have a bit of a love hate relationship, but in reality the two countries have very close ties. There are a lot of Korean people living in Japan. Although these people may have been born in Japan, and speak Japanese, to other Japanese they're still considered Korean. Sometimes these Korean ladies have trouble finding husbands in Japan. To many Japanese people these Korean/Japanese just aren't Japanese enough. Consequently a fair few of these ladies like the idea of marrying Western husbands.

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Meet Girls on Korean Cupid

Korean ladies are quite rare on dating sites, and they're certainly not as numerous as the Thais, Chinese or Filipinas. It's rare to see a Korean lady on a popular Asian dating site such as Cherry Blossoms or DateInAsia.

The most popular Korean dating site is Korea Cupid. This site is one of the many niche dating sites operated by Cupid Media. The site is totally free to join - you only need to take out a paid subscription if you want to start chatting to the many Korean ladies on the site. As well as being a great place to meet a future Korean wife, it's also a great place to meet Korean ladies who can help you with your language studies or just be penpals with. If you're looking for an Asian country then it's always a great idea to make friends with people in your favorite Asian country. Friends in Asian countries can help you out if you ever have problems with a multicultural relationship (and you will have problems from time to time!)

As well as Korean Cupid, it's also worth taking a look at Japan Cupid, as there are sometimes Korean ladies on the site who live and work in Japan.

Find Your Local Korean Community

Finally many countries have expatriate communities of Korean people, so don't discount these. It's not so far to go in order to meet Korean people. Many of these communities arose when Koreans left Korea during the Korean war and its aftermath. There are significant Korean expat communities in the USA, Canada as well as London.

So these are just a few of the different ways in which you can meet the Korean girl of your dreams. Happy dating!

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