10 Types of Lady You'll Meet on Chinese Cupid

Thanks for dropping by my website!Hi there! I've tried many Asian dating sites, but I've met more ladies through China Love Cupid than anywhere else. Join today and see what you're missing!

I've been a Platinum member of Chinese Cupid for a few weeks now. I'm also no stranger to Chinese online dating, having spent many months looking for my dream Chinese girl on Chnlove, and having travelled to China to meet a Chinese lady.

If you sign up for Platinum membership of Chinese Cupid then you'll get a lot of interest. Sadly most ladies are wasting your time, despite what you write in your profile. But that's just what online dating is like. If you're time poor but cash rich, then join an introduction agency and let them screen out the time wasters for you.

Chinese Cupid is awash with Asian alpha females, but would they make good wives?

So here's 10 types of Chinese Cupid lady I've encountered so far in my search for an Asian wife:

  1. Young and curious. The 18-22 year olds are a total waste of time. They'll generally contact anyone and anything that puts a profile up on Chinese Cupid. I don't think they're marriage minded, but they do like chatting. They're cute, but they're really wasting your time. It's really not worth dating anyone on Chinese Cupid who is younger than 28. If you're a young man, date a Chinese student who's studying in your own country. If you're older then look in the 28-34 range if you want kids, or 35-45 if you don't.
  2. Single moms. As with any dating site there are plenty of single moms. Bringing up a kid on your own is hard work, so they're very enthusiastic users of dating sites. Now I'll point out that many Western men have successfully married Chinese single moms. But be aware that a woman with kids has significant baggage. Finding a Chinese wife is hard enough, so if you want to date the single Chinese moms then be prepared for significant problems, especially if you want your Chinese lady to come live with you in your own country.
  3. Alpha females. There's no shorage of men in China. Quite the contrary - there's a big shortage of women. So why are there so many Chinese women looking for Western husbands? This mostly boils down to class differences. Chinese men (or men in most countries for that matter) usually prefer to marry women who are slightly below them in terms of career or intelligence. So the result is that the Chinese alpha females find it hard to find husbands who earn more than they do. And take it from me, there are some exceptionally intelligent and high flying women on Chinese Cupid. Many of them speak and write perfect English. I've even seen women on there with MBA's. These women could make fabulous wives. But if you want someone to stay at home all day and bring up your kids, then they might not be a good choice of Chinese wife.
  4. Scammers. To its credit, I've not seen many out and out scammers on Chinese Cupid. I'm less wary of Chinese ladies compared to Thais or Filipinas. But there are a lot of Chinese Cupid ladies I am wary of. If you're new to online Asian dating, then take care on this site. Gut instinct is the best way to weed out the unsuitable ladies. Many suspcious ladies are from Nanning. Just don't send money to anyone you meet on Chinese Cupid and a scam lady will soon lose interest in you. Just be aware that Chinese ladies are intelligent, and can be crafty. If you want to send somebody a gift, send chocolate or flowers. Never send money.
  5. Shy girls. I've been contacted by a few girls who don't post photos. I'm really suspicious of them, so I just ignore them. They might be great girls, but they might be scammers. Who knows or cares - there are just to many other girls to chat to on the site, so I just delete their messages. There aren't as many of these women as there are on Japan Cupid though.
  6. Women seeking Mr 100%. Chinese Cupid has all kinds of settings you can specify when you're looking for your perfect match. While it's perfectly OK to specify a non-smoker, or someone who hasn't already been married, some women do go overboard with their list of requirements. So it's probably best to avoid any lady who has been meticulous in her list of requirements. There's no way you'll measure up - none of us guys will! My sister knows loads of these women, and they're still looking for Mr Perfect when they're in their 40's. By the way, it's probably a good idea to avoid ladies who specify an income range they want their man to be in, these have golddigger written all over them.
  7. Attractive women. Chinese women are attractive, but are they all perfect 10's? Just about every Chinese lady on Chinese Cupid has rated herself as "Attractive". Go figure.
  8. Beta Females. I'll call these ladies beta females. They don't tend to speak much English. But they will have reasonable jobs such as office workers or teachers. These ladies can make loving devoted wives. They're usually much less demanding than the alpha females. But dating a Chinese lady who doesn't speak English is a tough proposition. I'm also wary of their motives for finding a Western husband. These types of ladies should find it very easy to find a man in China, so why are they looking overseas? Bear in mind that beta females won't often have had much chance to meet Western men, so their expectations of you might be based more on what they've seen in Hollywood movies than in reality.
  9. Ladies in my own country. Chinese ladies are everywhere, and Chinese Cupid has plenty of ladies living in other Western countries. I've been contacted by a few. I don't know what they want. They're not always in my specified age range, or they don't live anywhere near me. If anything, I am more worried about the ladies in my own country than the ones in China. They might have overstayed their visas and need to marry someone in order to remain in my country. Or they could be part of Chinese organised crime networks. I am wary of them all the same. And speaking from what I've heard in the past - you're just as likely to be scammed by an Asian lady who's already living in your local area, than by one living in Asia.
  10. Time Wasters. Wow, are there a lot of time wasters on Chinese Cupid. I've specified I'm looking for a lady from Guangdong Province, as I want to visit there soon. So what do I get? Beijing ladies, Shanghai ladies, Hubei ladies. It's very annoying and just something you have to put up with I'm afraid. Thankfully you can set your Chinese Cupid email inbox to intercept ladies in some time wasting categories (too old, too young etc.) Another tip I have is to show your status as busy, that way you'll not end up having to chat to 22 year old time wasters.

Have you met any more types of Chinese girl on Asian dating sites? Add your comments below!

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