Mature Japanese Women for Romance and Marriage

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Many men who are interested in second time around dating like the idea of finding a wife from Asia. Most men head for Thailand, the Philippines, or, increasingly, to China. However, Japan is often overlooked as a great place to meet mature Asian women. Here's a brief guide to meeting and dating mature Japanese women.


Most people think that Japan is an expensive place. Consequently few Westerners have been to Japan compared to other Asian destinations such as Thailand or Bali. There's no escaping the fact that Japan is expensive. A lot of this is due to the strength of the Japanese Yen against other currencies such as the US dollar and Euro. If you were to earn your income in Yen, then you'd find the place significantly less expensive. While food prices in Japan are reasonable, other things are expensive. Despite the popularity of 100 Yen stores, there aren't as many discount warehouses as there are in North America or Europe. Japanese people still tend to buy their clothes from small family run shops for example.

Travel can also be expensive in Japan. Due to high prices in their own country, many Japanese people go on overseas vacations instead of taking a vacation in their own country. The iconic bullet trains are a symbol of Japan, yet they are very expensive. Ordinary Japanese people tend to make use of the extensive network of inter-city buses.

Why is this relevant to your search for a Japanese mature woman? The fact is that most Japanese people prefer to live in Japan. So if you're serious about finding a Japanese wife then you need to consider living in Japan. Failing that, then you do at least need to be able to afford to take your new Japanese wife back to her homeland at least once a year.

Japanese Women

There are plenty of lovely mature Japanese women in Japan, but finding them is not that easy

Japanese women are very lovely, and they have a reputation for making loving and devoted wives. Of course this isn't always the reality. In movies, Japanese women are often portraid as attending flower arranging classes by day, and cooking for their husband at night. In reality, there are plenty of Japanese men and women stuck in loveless marriages. Divorce is quite common in Japan.

Gender roles in Japan are also changing. Like most other countries, there are increasing numbers of women friendly jobs, and less jobs traditionally done by men. It's much more common for Japanese women to have good jobs that allow them to live a decent lifestyle without having to marry for money. Younger Japanese women in particular are much more confident than their mothers, and they are much more reluctant to be trapped in a loveless marriage with a man they don't really like.

Japanese women are often quite shy, and they like confident men. If you've previously relied on your wife to make decisions then you might find it hard going with a Japanese woman.

Japanese women are quite difficult to understand. If you're serious about finding a Japanese wife, then you must read this Understanding Japanese Women guide.

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Finding Mature Japanese Women

There's a popular dating site called Japan Cupid. This is a good place to look for marriage minded Japanese women seeking Western husbands. One thing to bear in mind is that you'll have your work cut out on this site - you won't be swamped with admirers like you would be on a Filipina or Thai dating site. Be prepared to put a lot more effort into initiating first contact on this site.

There's a small marriage agency called Transpacific Marriage Agency. This is run like an old fashioned mail order bride catalog business. There are some nice ladies on their books. However, I found it really irritating that they didn't tell you where in Japan the ladies were from.

By far the easiest place to find a mature Japanese woman is to look for her in Japan itself. You'll find that in the larger cities like Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya there are frequent parties arranged where Japanese women get the chance to meet Western men. These are often themed as "international evenings", but they're more like singles evenings than anything else.

Alternatives to the Japan Mature Woman

There are two problems with mature women from Japan. The first is that Japan is seriously expensive compared to the rest of Asia. The other problem is that there aren't that many Japanese women seeking Western husbands.

An alternative to Japanese mature women is to look for a mature woman from China. Chinese women are similar to Japanese women. They often have great manners and social skills that you see in Japanese women. On the downside they're not nearly so trustworthy as Japanese women. Since China is still a developing country, there are also plenty of women who want to marry a Western man for his money or his Western passport. The good news is that Asian dating websites are awash with beautiful mature Chinese women. For the money obsessed Chinese, a Western husband is often seen as a huge status symbol.

Other than that, Chinese and Japanese cultures are not at all similar, and neither are the languages. China is however much cheaper to visit, although property prices in Tier 1 cities like Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou are similarly as sky high to those found in Tokyo.

So while it's perfectly possible to find a mature Japanese woman for romance and marriage, it's not going to be that easy. Basically you need to have money, or live in Japan, or both. For this reason most men seeking mature Asian brides tend to head for China, Thailand or the Philippines.

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