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If you're an older guy looking for a second time around marriage then you might be interested in finding a mature Asian woman. So what's involved in finding older Asian women, and do they make good wives?

How Easy is it to Find a Mature Asian Woman?

In two words - very easy!

Now to the longer answer. Women are women, and women are complicated. While you can marry the first lady you chat to on a dating site, there's no guarantee that your relationship will last.

If you want to find a mature Asian woman for romance and marriage, there are a number of ways of finding her:

  • Dating sites
  • Marriage agencies
  • Romance tour
  • Meet her in Asia
Want to find a beautiful mature wife? Why not head to Asia?

There are all kinds of Asian dating websites where you can chat to Asian single ladies online. Popular Asian dating websites include Asian Kisses, Cherry Blossoms and AsianEuro. Or if you know which country you want to find an Asian bride from then there are country specific sites such as Chinese Cupid, Filipina Cupid and Thai Love Lines. On these sites you can chat to ladies, then when you find some you like then you can make travel arrangements to go and visit them. This is the best approach if you like to do things yourself. Just take things slowly and don't send money to any of the ladies - only support them financially after marriage. Also bear in mind that there are scammers on all dating sites - again don't send off your life savings via Western Union and you'll be OK. Scammers tend to be the younger girls rather than the mature women, but remember that women can play games at any age.

Marriage agencies are another option. They're particularly useful if you want a Thai bride. A marriage agency such as Thai Professional or Anglo Thai Introductions offer fixed fee introductions, so you know a rough idea of how much it will cost to find an Asian wife. With dating sites the financial costs are less well known. Marriage agencies are also a good bet if you've never travelled to Asia before, and you want somebody to help you with the paperwork involved with getting married overseas and getting a visa so your new wife can live with you in your own country after marriage.

Companies such as A Foreign Affair offer romance tours of China and the Philippines. This can be a good way to travel to these countries and meet marriage minded ladies. Both China and the Philippines are formidable places to visit as a lone traveller, so travelling as part of a group is highly recommended. I still cannot believe I travelled by myself to visit a Chinese lady who lived in Central China. In retrospect, it was a crazy thing to do!

On the downside, romance tours are much more expensive than booking a flight and hotel yourself on Expedia. There's also no guarantee that you'll meet the lady of your dreams on the trip.

Finally, if you can afford to take time off from your life, the No.1 way of finding an Asian bride is to spend at least 3 months in Asia. Once you're there you'll have the pick of the Asian ladies, and you'll be able to spend a lot of time with ladies to determine if they're sincere. By the way, you might not need 3 months in the Philippines - you'll probably be engaged by the time you leave the airport arrivals lounge!

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Which Asian Country Has the Best Mature Women?

Traditionally when men looked for an Asian bride they would automatically head to Thailand. Mature Thai women have a good reputation as making loving, devoted wives. Another big attraction of Thailand is that it's a great place to retire to. So Thailand is a good option.

An obvious alternative to Thailand is the Philippines. Filipino women are extremely numerous on Asian dating websites. This is probably largely due to the fact that there are more computer literate English speaking women in the Philippines than there are in other Asian countries. Of course the Philippines economy is also bad, so there are millions of Filipino women dreaming of a Western man riding in on a white horse.

A few men do retire to the Philippines. Property is many times cheaper than the USA or Western Europe. The islands are also tropical paradises, if you're prepared to put up with the odd natural disaster. On the downside there's a lot of corruption and a fair amount of crime. Another problem is that the Philippines government is much less open towards Westerners retiring to the Philippines, so it's not nearly as easy or financially viable to retire there when compared to Thailand.

The other option is China. There are increasing numbers of mature Chinese women on dating sites. Mature Chinese ladies tend to age very gracefully. It's when Chinese ladies get older that avoiding alcohol and tobacco and staying out of the sun in their youth pays off. I've seen some stunningly beautiful older Chinese ladies, especially in the more central provinces such as Hubei, Hunan and Sichuan.

On the downside, few mature Chinese ladies speak English - the English speakers are usually the highly educated younger ladies from the coastal cities of Shanghai and Shenzhen. Do not underestimate the language barrier - English and Mandarin Chinese are completely different, and as an English speaker you can't bluff your way with Mandarin the same way you can with say French or German. Cultural differences are also immense, and you have to bear in mind that many mature Chinese women might never even have spoken to a Western person before. One thing to bear in mind with mature Chinese ladies is that they don't always have a high level of education. During China's troubled past of in the 1950's to 1970's there were periods when the schools were closed altogether. Don't confuse lack of education with lack of intelligence though. Chinese ladies are usually very smart, and often devious. Do not try to pull the wool over the eyes of a Chinese woman! Mature Chinese ladies don't always know how to use a computer either, so you might have to rely on a translator from a marriage agency to help you communicate.

Increasing numbers of Western men are choosing to retire to China. The numbers are very small compared to those retiring to Thailand however. Most men retiring in China tend to stick to the coastal cities around Hong Kong. Here the weather is great and there's also access to Western standards of healthcare. Hong Kong's airport also allows access to cities all over the World. Needless to say, the local food is also cheap and extremely delicious.

Mature Japanese women are also worth considering. The downside is that Japan is an expensive place to live, and Japanese people are often reluctant to live overseas.

So if you like the idea of finding a mature Asian woman for romance and marriage, then try signing up to some Asian dating websites. Alternatively look at some of the introduction agencies that will put you in touch with marriage minded Asian ladies.

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