Good Places Where Australian Guys Can Find Mail Order Brides

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Looking for a mail order bride? Here are some tips if you're an Australian guy looking for a mail order bride.

Russian Mail Order Brides

Think of mail order brides and most people automatically think of either Russia or Thailand. There are many Russian mail order bride themed websites where you can browse personal profiles of Russian ladies looking for foreign husbands.

Russian ladies can make great wives. There's a shortage of men in Russia, and so many ladies look for love overseas. The problem is that there are huge numbers of Russian dating site scam ladies at work. With time you can learn to recognise the scammers, especially the ones after money. But it is a lot of effort to find a devoted Russian wife.

Asian Mail Order Brides

Asian ladies really take a pride in their appearance. No wonder so many Aussie guys like the idea of finding a hot Asian wife

Geographically speaking, Asia is a good place to look for a mail order bride if you're an Australian guy. Increasing numbers of Asian people are choosing to emigrate to Australia. Increasing numbers of Australian men are also choosing to find brides from Asia.

So where's it best to find an Asian bride from?

Obviously Thailand is a popular destination for men seeking Asian mail order brides. Thailand is easy to travel to, and is a good tourist destination in its own right. If you don't find love on a trip to meet a Thai lady, then you'll almost certainly have a damn good vacation. Thai ladies can make great wives. But again, there are plenty of scammers on Thai dating sites. Most are after money, and they're quite easy to spot once you've been on a dating site for a month or so. Just bear in mind that Thai women who work in Thailand's entertainment scene are extremely good at getting Western men to part with their cash. And Thai dating sites are a mixture of marriage minded ladies as well as plenty of bargirls supplementing their income chatting to men online.

The Philippines is another great place to find an Asian bride. Again, scammers are a major problem. But if you can find a good Filipina lady then she'll almost always make a great, loving wife. Filipinas tend to be God fearing Christians, so they treat marriage more seriously than Thai or Chinese ladies do.

Speaking of Chinese ladies, Chinese brides are an increasingly popular choice for men seeking Asian wives. Chinese ladies are beautiful and take great pride in their appearance. On the downside, Chinese people are often obsessed with money and wealth. If you've got both then great, if not then your marriage to a Chinese lady might not last. Another problem is the issue of trust. Trust is sadly lacking in China, so if you want a Chinese wife then take things slowly and try to get to trust her. The good news is that there don't seem to be as many out and out Chinese dating site scammers compared to Thais or Filipinas.

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Australian Mail Order Brides and Indonesia

A particularly popular country for Australian men to head for in their search for an Asian bride is Indonesia. Indonesia is geographically close to Australia, as well as being in a similar timezone. So it's more convenient to travel to Indonesia than other Asian countries. Many Australians travel to Indonesian tropical paradises such as Bali, so it's unsurprising that so many Australian men know how exotically beautiful the women are.

There aren't that many mail order brides websites specifically aimed at the Indonesian dating scene. One niche Asian dating website there is though is Indonesian Cupid. The site has a reasonable membership fee. There are plenty of members so you'll find plenty of beautiful Indonesian women to chat to. Another good thing about Indonesian Cupid is that it's a flat rate fee site - pay the membership fee and you'll be able to contact as many ladies as you can handle. This is much better than the Asian dating sites that charge you a translator fee every time you want to contact a lady. On the downside, Indonesian Cupid only has ladies from Indonesia on it, so if you're not 100% sure you want an Indonesian bride then you might end up having to pay for membership of another site.

There are a few Indonesian ladies on other dating sites. The free Asian dating site DateInAsia may be worth a look. Note however that the site has very basic search facilities compared to the majority of subscription sites. I'm also not sure whether this is a good site or not. Many men have met their dream Asian bride on this site, and they haven't had to pay any money to do so. However, when I joined in order to look for Chinese ladies to visit, all I got contacted by was a 19 year old Filipina and a Chinese escort girl! I guess I should have taken the initiative and searched for ladies to contact, but the search facilities on the site are so basic that it would have taken a lot of effort to find ladies worth visiting.

So as you can see from this article, there are plenty of options for finding a mail order bride and bringing her back to Australia. Sign up to some Asian dating sites (they're usually free to join) and see if a special lady catches your eye.

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