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KoreanFriendFinder is one of the many online dating sites where you can meet and chat to Korean people online. KoreanFriendFinder is part of a large USA based network of dating and adult contact sites run by the same company. The sites all have similar names (e.g. Filipino Friend Finder), but they are aimed at a different market.

Korean Friend Finder Review

KoreanFriendFinder offers free basic membership of the site. So you can sign up to Korean Friend Finder for free and see if it's something you're interested in. If you think Korean Friend Finder is for you then it's worthwhile paying for a full membership of the site. Full membership will make your profile stand out from the many free members, so you'll attract a lot more interest. It'll also show that you're serious about finding a friend or partner on the site, and that you're not tight enough with money to not even want to pay for the monthly subscription fee.

On the subject of fees, the Korean Friend Finder costs are reasonable, and compare favorably with the other Korean dating sites such as the popular Korean Cupid.

The sites in the Friend Finder network are aimed more at the local contacts network rather than international dating. They are particularly popular in the United States and Canada. There are however members from all over the globe. So there are pages that list members by city, and you can search for members in your local area. The Friend Finder sites are also site for people who are looking to visit another city and want to find people to hook up with.

There are all kinds of features offered by Korean Friend Finder - you can browse members' videos and blogs. There are also member polls and advice lines. It's possible to contact the other members via chat or email. Members can set up specialist niche groups of other like minded people. It's also possible to rate other members, which builds a sort of trust feedback system like the eBay auction site uses.

The site is available in both English and Korean, although the site has a US bias, so you'll find that most people using it will write in English.

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Finding Korean Friends

South Korea has some of the highest levels of broadband internet usage in the world, so most Koreans are online. There are large expat communities of Korean people round the world, so the site can be used to find friends in the local area of their adopted country. The site is also popular for finding Korean hookups in an area you're visiting on vacation or on business.

Using Korean Friend Finder for Finding Korean Wife

It's worth bearing in mind that the Friend Finder sites are mainly associated with fun and flirting. They may not be the best places to find a marriage minded woman! If you're looking for a Korean wife then it may be better to look at Korean Cupid. Finding a Korean wife will be fairly difficult as there is a shortage of women in South Korea, so South Korean ladies have a lot of men to choose from and can set their sights very high. There are, however, usually plenty of Asian women in all Asian countries who like the idea of finding a Western husband.

So if you're interested in some sexy Korean fun time, then give Korean Friend Finder a go. But if you're looking for a marriage minded South Korean lady then you may be better off with a dating site like Korean Cupid.

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