Finding Japanese Mail Order Brides

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The mail order bride business is very popular with Western men seeking Asian women. Most Western men seek Asian wives in China, Thailand or the Philippines. These countries all have large populations and there are many women in these countries who like the idea of finding a rich Western husband.

Few people have been to Japan, so they don't realise that it is such a wealthy place. Remember that Japan is the home of the $150 watermelon and $10 beer in a trendy bar. Yes Japan has been in a seemingly endless recession, but the place has immense wealth. Why does this matter? Well few Japanese ladies will need to marry a Western man for economic reasons. Finding a Japanese wife won't be as easy as finding a wife from a developing country. On the plus side though, you can be a lot more certain that your Japanese lady is marrying you for honorable reasons, rather than for just getting hold of a green card and meal ticket for life.

Finding Japanese Mail Order Brides

Japan is a wealthy country, and the ladies are stylish and sophisticated

The mail order brides business has moved on a lot since the days of paper catalogues and letters sent by post. These days the most popular way of finding an Asian bride is by cutting out the mail order bride middlemen altogether and chatting to Asian women on the many Asian chat sites and dating sites available online.

There are plenty of Asian dating websites available online. You'll tend to find though that there aren't many Japanese ladies on the mail order bride orientated sites such as Cherry Blossoms. So where are the Japanese ladies? One site worth looking at is Japan Cupid. There are thousands of Japanese ladies on Japan Cupid, and many are looking for Western husbands.

One thing to remember is that Japanese ladies (especially the ones worth marrying) tend to be quite reserved and shy. You'll log onto Japan Cupid and find that many of the Japanese ladies haven't even uploaded photos of themselves onto the site, or they use barely recognisable postage stamp sized photos of themselves. One alternative is to use a matchmaking site such as the Transpacific Marriage Agency. This has quite an old fashioned way of conducting business, with Western men and Japanese women exchanging paper based profiles of each other. While some of the Japanese ladies using the service are shown on the website, the majority of the ladies are not. TMA could therefore be a good choice for finding Japanese ladies who are too shy to use a site such as Japan Cupid.

Of course the best way to find a Japanese wife is to move to Japan. Once in Japan you'll find all sorts of social events arranged that just so happen to bring Japanese ladies into contact with Western men. These events are usually called international evenings or something similar, but in reality they're often just a front for some serious matchmaking.

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Japanese Ladies Who Love Western Men

So if you wanted to find a mail order bride in Japan, what type of Japanese ladies are interested in marrying foreign men? Here are some of the types of ladies who prefer to marry Western men rather than Japanese or other Asian men:

  • Asian ladies who are Christian can sometimes find it hard to find an Asian man who shares their beliefs. So Asian ladies who are Catholic or follow another form of Christianity will often look for a Western husband.
  • Japanese ladies born in certain years are sometimes considered unlucky. While Japanese people aren't as superstitious as they once were, ladies born in certain years can find it harder to find a Japanese husband.
  • Asian ladies who are born in Japan but don't have Japanese parents are sometimes not always considered 100% Japanese. While this isn't something we are really bothered with in the West, it is often a major issue in Japan. In particular, there are many Japanese born ladies who are actually considered to be Korean.
  • Divorced or separated ladies can sometimes find it hard to find a new partner as Japanese (and most Asian men for that matter) prefer to find wives who haven't previously been married.
  • Japanese ladies who have travelled or lived overseas and who just like Western culture.

Finally a particular hazard is the many ladies in Japan who are curious about Western men. Since there are so few Western men living in Japan there is bound to be a curiosity about them. If you're using a Japanese dating site then always be wary of these ladies. While they are a lot of fun and it's nice to chat to them online, just be aware that they might not necessarily be good marriage material.

So while it is possible to find a Japanese mail order bride, bear in mind that the search won't be as easy as finding a bride from China, Thailand or the Phiippines. Japanese ladies are very lovely though, so it is worth the effort getting to know them.

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