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Japanese Friend Finder is a site where you can meet and chat to Japanese people worldwide. Actually there are a number of Japanese Friend Finder sites - a JapaneseFriendFinder.com and a JapaneseFriendFinder.net. Both offer free membership options so you can sign up for free and see if you like either of the sites.

Japanese Friend Finder com is not just a Japanese chat site - there are also many members from China and Thailand. In this respects it's more like a traditional Asian dating site rather than just a chat room.

Japanese Friend Finder net helps you find all sorts of contacts, from penpals, language study partners, travel buddies to couch surfing contacts and more.

Is Japanese Friend Finder a Good Place to Meet a Japanese Partner?

Japanese Friend Finder is a great place to meet Japanese people to chat to online

All of the Japanese Friend Finder sites are good places to meet people to chat with. If you're looking for a serious long term relationship (i.e. marriage) then these sites aren't always a good place to meet somebody. Some people just love chat rooms, so they'll spend all day talking to people online. Other Japanese people just want to find language study partners.

It's especially important to remember that Western people are rare in Japan, so there is a definite novelty factor. While many Japanese ladies (particularly the 20 somethings) like the idea of a Western boyfriend, it's not so common to find Japanese ladies who are serious about finding a Western husband.

Japanese people tend to be very honest, so scammers are quite rare. However, bear in mind that there are all kinds of people on chat sites, so be careful when giving out personal information and needless to say, don't send money to anyone you meet online.

Do Japanese Ladies Make Great Wives?

Japanese ladies have a reputation for making devoted loving wives. However, there are problems that you may encounter:

  • Japanese career minded ladies seem to put off having children to much later in life. Now I've dated a few Japanese ladies, and one thing that worried me was so many ladies in their late 30's saying in their dating profiles that they want to start a family. Men need to be wary of these ladies - they're leaving it very late in life to start a family. While Japanese healthcare is amongst the best in the World, it's still risky having a baby at this age. Rushing into marriage with a Japanese (or any lady for that matter) then having a baby straight away is NOT advisable for any man. At best you need to be in a relationship for at least a couple of years, or you're taking a big risk.
  • Japanese ladies tend to be quite shy and reserved. They can be quite difficult to get on with if you're trying to make a decision.
  • Japanese ladies are group focussed. If you're dating a Japanese woman you're not really considered part of her group. If she no longer likes you then don't be surprised if she never talks to you again. This isn't being rude - it's simply because you're no longer part of any of her groups. In my experience Chinese ladies are much more friendly, and I am still friends with many of the Chinese ladies I've talked to on dating sites. By comparison I no longer hear from a single Japanese lady I went on dates with.
  • Japanese dating is often agonisingly slow! If you want an Asian wife in a hurry, you're better off visiting China.
  • Japan is expensive! While your Japanese partner might want to live in your own country, they tend to get more homesick than other races so you're usually better off setting up home in Japan.

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Alternatives to Japanese Friend Finder

Japan Cupid is the best Japanese dating site, it's probably a better choice if you're marriage minded as there are less people on Japan Cupid who just want to chat. There are a few other Friend Finder type sites, including Asia Friend Finder.

If you're a Western man looking for a Japanese wife then there's a marriage agency called the Transpacific Marriage Agency.

Beyond this though, the best way to find a Japanese partner is to live in Japan for a while. Once there you can take part in various social events that are arranged so that Japanese and Western people can meet each other with a view to marriage or dating.

So Japanese ladies can make great wives. But finding a Japanese wife can take a lot of time and money, and you need to be sure that you won't be disappointed after making that kind of effort.

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