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Here's some information if you're thinking of looking for an Asian wife in Japan.

The main myth we have to blow away is that you'll find a mail order bride in Japan. No way! Japan is the second richest nation on Earth. The majority of the Japanese ladies have no reason to marry for economic reasons. They don't need a visa or a green card. This fact is both good and bad for a man looking for an Asian wife. The good news is that a Japanese woman is far less likely to be marrying for the wrong reasons. On the downside, it won't be as easy to find a Japanese wife as it would be to find a Chinese, Thai or Filipino wife. If you're a 50 year old man then you won't get many 20 year old Japanese ladies hitting on you like the ladies do on Thai or Filipino dating sites.

Don't worry though, as there are plenty of Japanese ladies who like the idea of finding a Western husband. The problem is in finding her. Many Japanese ladies have had limited contact with Western men, so Westerners have a definite novelty factor. While Japanese ladies are a lot of fun, if you are looking for a wife then you need to make sure you can identify ladies who are just interested in dating a Western man for the novelty value.

Japanese ladies tend to be quite reserved. It's also rare to find Japanese ladies who can speak or write good English. If they do, then they usually have good jobs, and you'll be entering the realm of executive dating.

Cultural differences between Japan and the rest of the World are immense. If you stand any chance at all of finding a Japanese wife then it's a good idea to read up on Japanese culture. Ideally you should also have travelled to Japan a few times.

The easiest way to find a Japanese wife is to live in Japan for a while. If you have a good job in IT, banking, finance or a related industry then why not see if you can find a job in a city such as Tokyo? An alternative is the language teaching option. Finally Westerners are rare in Japan, so if you have any sort of talent then you may be able to make a good career in Japan, be it in catering, entertainment or another discipline. The good news is that once you are in Japan it's much easier to find a Japanese wife. Encouragingly, most of the Westerners in Japan have found very beautiful and lovely Japanese wives, so you shouldn't find it too difficult to find a Japanese beauty of your own.

Japan Cupid

A typical modern Japanese lady

The largest and most well known Japanese dating site is called Japan Cupid. The site has thousands of members. The site is a lot different to the traditional mail order bride websites that are commonly encountered in the Asian dating scene. For a start Japan Cupid has both male and female profiles available on the site. The members aren't just marriage minded - it's also a good place to make Japanese friends or find language study partners.

Since Japanese ladies are fairly reserved, it's often good to make friends with them first. Japanese ladies like to find Westerners who can help them with learning English, since opportunities to practice inside Japan are often limited.

Free Japanese Dating Sites

It's usually best to stay away from the free dating sites. They offer poor protection against scammers. They're also a haven for scammers. There aren't really any free Japanese dating sites of any note. These that claim to have Japanese ladies on them usually just have Filipino women pretending to be Japanese so they might be more visible to men searching for an Asian wife.

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Alternatives to Japanese Dating Sites

Japanese ladies tend to be fairly reserved. Consequently many of them would be far too shy to sign up to a dating site.

Some of the best Japanese ladies can be found through the various introduction agencies that operate in Japan. These offer a more discreet service for Japanese ladies. They will also tend to screen the men so that the ladies are only contacted by honest men. Introduction agencies and matchmakers also help you to overcome the significant cultural differences between the West and Japan. One useful service they can perform is to find out what a lady actually thought about you. Asian ladies are very bad at saying "yes" or "no", and unfortunately can string you along for months even if they don't really like you.

Another way of finding a Japanese partner is through friends or colleagues, so work that network of Japanese friends and acquaintances.

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