How to Avoid Common JapanCupid Scams and Scammers

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JapanCupid is a popular Japanese dating site. The site is popular with men and women seeking Japanese partners for short or long term relationships.

Dating site scams are a growing way for small time and organised criminals to make money. So you should be alert on ALL dating sites. Even the largest sites like eHarmony and have problems with scammers.

JapanCupid Scams

Japanese people are usually exceptionally honest, but never let your guard down on any dating site!

So what are the particular scams that you might encounter on JapanCupid?

First of all it's worth bearing in mind that Japanese people are considered amongst the most honest in the world. If a person loses a valuable item in Japan then a Japanese person will often go to extraordinary lengths to return the item to the owner.

Despite this, theft and dishonesty does occur in Japan - umbrellas and bicycle thefts are fairly common.

I've not seen that many suspicious members on JapanCupid compared to the other Cupid Media dating sites. But don't let your guard down.

If you are chatting to a Japanese person on JapanCupid, then the first thing you must determine is that they are actually Japanese! Many dating site scammers operate out of the Middle East and Africa. They will sign up to all kinds of dating sites and claim to be anyone from an American man to an Asian lady. Often they will steal photos and entire profiles from other dating sites.

The best way of determining if somebody is real is to schedule a webcam session with them. Most internet users have access to MSN Messenger or Skype, so use these. Beware that some more sophisticated scammers do sometimes record a video session and play it back to you. So make sure the chat session is live - get the other person to hold up a particular hand, or get them to show you something in the room. My trick is to mention something I've seen in the background ("nice curtains!"), and they usually turn round to look at it themselves!

Check that they're in the right timezone as well. If it's nighttime in Japan and there's daylight streaming through the window then you might be talking to a scammer in another country!

Beyond this, I was personally very suspicious of the Japanese ladies on JapanCupid who didn't upload a photo of themselves. There are actually a large number of these ladies, and they are certainly more numerous than they are on Chinese Cupid. Sure, Japanese ladies are often quite shy, so they might not want to upload a photo of themselves. But given my experiences on Chinese Cupid (which has a lot more members than JapanCupid) I would say you should be very careful when communicating with JapanCupid members who haven't uploaded photos of themselves.

Other JapanCupid members to be wary of include ones who profess love for you in the first email, members without any written Japanese in their profile, and members who give you a sad story which tugs at your heart strings.

By the way, scammers don't always target men - women are just as likely to be scammed on a dating site. In fact women are popular victims for scammers, since it's often easier to get them emotionally involved in a story that will lead to an attempt to get money.

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Remember these points and you should be able to avoid the majority of scammers who might be on JapanCupid.

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