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If you're looking for a beautiful Indonesian wife or girlfriend then one of the few dating sites to concentrate on women from Indonesia is the Indonesian Cupid dating site. Here's some information about the Indonesian Cupid Asian dating site.

First of all, the thing to remember with IndonesianCupid and all the other Cupid Media owned network of dating sites is that:

  • Not all of the ladies are actually from Indonesia.
  • Not all of the ladies are necessarily even Indonesian.
  • Not all of the ladies will be looking for a marriage partner.

This is quite a bit different from other Asian dating sites like Chnlove, where all of the ladies on the site are looking for marriage partners, and pretty much all of the ladies are in China (with the exception of those who work overseas).

Having said that, the majority of the female singles on Indonesian Cupid do live in Indonesia.

The Indonesian Cupid members are generally in a number of categories:

  • Western men and Indonesian single ladies looking for marriage partners. Increasing numbers of Indonesian women are looking for foreign husbands.
  • People looking for boyfriend and girlfriends and shorter term relationships.
  • People who just like Indonesian culture and maybe have been to Bali and want to find like minded people, language study partners, travel buddies and that kind of thing.

Dating Indonesian Ladies

Indonesian women are very beautiful, as anyone who has ever been to Bali will tell you. Indonesian Cupid is full of very beautiful single Indonesian women looking for marriage.

There are however a few downsides to dating Indonesian ladies. About the biggest issue is the remoteness of Indonesia from the majority of Western countries. Reaching Indonesia from the USA, Canada or Europe means flying halfway across the World for a date! Indonesia is however fairly close to Australia, so for Australian men looking for an Asian wife then Indonesia is well worth considering.

Indonesia also presents other travel problems. The country is large and many of the islands are quite difficult to travel to. Very few of the airlines have Western rated safety standards. If you're looking for an Indonesian wife then it's usually easier to stick to one of the major cities such as Jakarta. Certain parts of Indonesia are also considered dangerous to visit, and there is a threat of terrorism throughout Indonesia.

Compared to Thailand, China or the Philippines, comparatively few men look for Asian brides in Indonesia. This means that there's a lot less information about finding a wife in Indonesia, so if you have problems or things go wrong then you might have difficulty getting helpful advice.

Signing up with Indonesian Cupid

The Indo Cupid dating website is completely free to sign up to so you can log in and review the lady profiles on the site. Unlike other Asian personals sites such as Cherry Blossoms the free trial isn't time limited.

Indonesian Cupid has very comprehensive search facilities that are far superior to other dating sites available on the web. Profile matching is quick and easy as you can compare your profile with another member to see if you could be a good match.

If you're serious about finding an Indonesian wife then it's best to sign up for full membership of the site. When you take out a subscription your profile comes up before the free members in search results. There are two levels of membership. Platinum membership costs a little more than Gold membership and is worth the extra money. Platinum membership lists your profile above Gold members. Taking out a membership also means you can email and chat to the female members of the site. Finding an Asian bride takes a lot longer than you might think, so it's worth taking out an annual membership of Indonesian Cupid. Thankfully there is a substantial discount when you buy an annual membership plan.

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Alternatives to the Indonesian Cupid Dating Service

If you want an Asian wife then it's generally easier to find a wife from Thailand, China or the Philippines. There aren't so many Indonesian personals sites available. So try Filipina Heart if you're interested in Filipino women - the Philippines is slightly easier to travel to and a lot more Western men marry Filipino women.

There are a few Indonesian women on the more general Asian dating sites such as Cherry Blossoms and Asian Kisses. It might also be worthwhile looking for Indonesian chat rooms.

The easiest way to find an Indonesian wife would be to live in Indonesia for a year or two. If you're able to work remotely on a tropical paradise such as Bali then take the opportunity! Otherwise an alternative is to find a job in Australia for a while - this would make it much more convenient to go on wife finding journeys to Indonesia.

Indonesian Cupid - in summary

Indonesian Cupid is the best online dating site if you're a man looking for an Indonesian wife. It's a great place to find Indonesian women for dating. Comparatively few Western men choose Indonesia as the country of choice for finding an Asian wife, so you're going to have to do a lot of your own research. Good luck!

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