Finding and Dating Hot Japanese Women

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Western men tend to like Japanese women, so it's not surprising that so many men like the idea of meeting hot Japanese women for romance and marriage. So how do you find hot Japanese women, and what can you expect when you date them? Here's a brief guide to Japanese women.

Finding Hot Japanese Women

There are plenty of hot Japanese women in Japan, but dating them isn't always so easy?

It's no use beating around the bush here - if you want to meet hot Japanese women, then you're going to have to move to Japan. Simple as that. While there are some Japanese women in the USA and other countries, there aren't huge numbers. You'll also find that the really hot Japanese women don't often leave Japan and go and live and work overseas.

Bear in mind that Japan is an aging population. Live in a small coastal town and it will be largely be populated by old people. If you want to meet incredibly cute and hot Japanese women then you'll have to live in one of the major cities like Tokyo or Osaka. These tend to be much more expensive to live in compared to the smaller towns and cities.

The good news is that once you're in Japan there will be no shortage of women to meet. If you're just interested in short term relationships, well Japanese women are curious about foreigners, and a foreign boyfriend is very trendy. Similarly if you're marriage minded then there are Japanese ladies who are interested in marrying Western men. Don't worry what race you are - you'll be able to find a Japanese girl regardless of whether you're an African American, a European or even an Asian guy from another country.

At the same time, you need to be realistic. There aren't as many Japanese women looking for foreign husbands as you might expect. Japanese girls aren't usually looking for much older husbands, so you'll struggle to find a Japanese girl who is more than five years younger than you are. Finding a Japanese wife won't be an easy task, even if you're living in Japan. If you want to go down the mail order bride route, then finding a Japanese mail order bride would be pretty much impossible. It is much easier to find a Chinese wife. Chinese people are usually much more money obsessed than Japanese people - this is why they're such good business people. Chinese women consider it hugely prestigious to have a Western husband. On the downside, it's not as easy to find a Chinese wife as it is a mail order bride from Thailand or the Philippines.

Back to Japanese women, if you want to make contact with Japanese women then a good site to use is Japan Cupid. I must admit I've not had a lot of success on this site, and I'm not swamped with women as I am on Chinese Cupid or Filipino Cupid. But many things count against me:

  • I'm British, and Japanese women prefer American men.
  • I don't currently live in Japan.
  • I don't know much Japanese.
  • There are around ten times fewer women in Japan compared to China, and Japanese women don't need to marry men for economic reasons.

An alternative to Japan Cupid is the Transpacific Marriage Agency. Or try Japanese Friend Finder.

There are a lot of other Asian dating sites, but very few of them have Japanese women on there. Go on a mail order bride orientated site like Cherry Blossoms and although you can find "Japanese" women on the site, usually they end up being Filipino women pretending to be Japanese.

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Dating Hot Japanese Women

Let's not pull any punches here either - Japanese women are complicated. Of course, all women are pretty complicated to figure out, but Japanese women especially so. While on the surface Japanese women may be similar to women from other countries, the more you get to know them the more you realize that Japanese women are completely different.

If you want to attract and to have a really deep understanding of Japanese women, then it's essential to read this guide to understanding Japanese women. This guide will tell you about crucial things you need to know. If you want a Japanese wife then it's essential to recognize the four types of Japanese women - which ones are worth marrying, and which will make your life hell.

What else do you need to know about hot Japanese women? Well they like men to take charge, so if you're more of a submissive guy who likes the lady to make the decisions then a Japanese wife might not be for you. Personally I had a tough time in Japan because the Japanese women I met were waiting for me to make decisions like where to go for lunch. But when you can't read the restaurant signs or even the menus it's difficult to be a man and make that decision!

I've also done a lot of chatting to people, and I also realize that although Japanese women have perfect manners in public, they're not always the same in private. So take things slowly in your relationship, lest you end up marring a woman who turns into a total nightmare.

Needless to say, the hot and cute Japanese girls you see on the streets of Tokyo don't often speak much English. Visit Japan and you'll realize that the school girls interested in looking cute are much more interested in going shopping than learning English in school. So it's pretty much essential to learn as much Japanese as you can in order to strike up a conversation with these the hottest girls.

The other thing to remember is that if you want to have a hot Japanese girlfriend, then remember she'll be high maintenance! All those thigh high stockings and micro skirts don't come cheap. Expect to spend much of your hard earned cash in the boutiques of Shibuya and Harajuku. Tokyo fashions come and go, and so expect to have to buy several wardrobes full of clothes as fashions change.

Need to know more about dating Japanese women? Get this guide to understanding Japanese women.

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