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Hong Kong Cupid is an online personals site aimed at the Hong Kong singles scene. The site is operated by Cupid Media, who have a wide range of Asian dating websites. Other popular sites include Chinese Cupid, Korean Cupid and Japan Cupid.

Hong Kong Cupid has a reasonably priced membership structure. There's a monthly fee, which attracts a significant discount if you pay for an annual membership plan. There are two levels of membership - Gold membership and Platinum membership. There isn't really any advantage to taking out Platinum membership other than the fact that you can get your profile listed in search results ahead of Gold members.

The Hong Kong Cupid website has a similar look and feel to Cupid Media's other sites. This makes them all familiar to you when setting up searches and sending or receiving emails. On the downside you have to take out a separate subscription to each site, which could get expensive if you're looking for a partner in Hong Kong, Singapore and South Korea.

Hong Kong Cupid has had generally good reviews. There are plenty of success stories of men and women meeting their partners through the site. Like all dating sites the main problem is with scammers (more on these below).

Hong Kong Cupid Dating

Hong Kong - Pearl of the Orient

So who uses Hong Kong Cupid? The site is most popular with Hong Kong residents and expats living and working in Hong Kong. Since so many Hong Kong residents are professional singles, Hong Kong Cupid is a popular site for making friends in the local area.

HongKongCupid is less popular with Western men seeking Asian mail order brides. In particular, men seeking Chinese brides tend to use Chinese Cupid instead. Chinese Cupid has tens of thousands of Chinese ladies on the site. There are also smaller numbers of Hong Kong ladies on the site. While some Western men may end up visiting these ladies, it's logistically difficult if they also want to visit mainland China. The problems include:

  • Hong Kong hotels are much more expensive than mainland hotels in cities such as Guangzhou, Shenzhen or even Shanghai. You'll find few discounted hotel rooms in Hong Kong, especially for a short stay. Sometimes airlines give away hotel rooms if you use a specific travel agent, or you're a member of a frequent flier program.
  • Most Westerners visiting mainland China require a visa. You can normally only get a single or double entry visa, which makes it difficult to leave and enter China several times. It's also usually necessary to apply for the visa in your own country, so you can no longer get a China visa in Hong Kong. So it's not really practical to visit ladies in both Hong Kong and China on a single trip.

As far as mail order brides go, Hong Kong isn't generally a good place to find Chinese brides. The Hong Kong economy is booming, and there are plenty of single professional women who don't need a man to support them. You'll find Hong Kong women also tend to have a reputation for being high maintenance. Maybe it's for this reason that increasing numbers of Hong Kong men are choosing to find marriage minded Chinese brides from the mainland. The neighboring city of Shenzhen appears to have zillions of single Chinese ladies. I've chatted to many of them on Chinese Cupid, and I was very impressed with how nice they were. It's an especially good place to look if you want to date a lady with a good level of education and a good career.

Hong Kong Cupid Scams and Scammers

When using Hong Kong Cupid it's always good to be on the lookout for scams and scammers. Thankfully Hong Kong Cupid appears to be safer than Thai or Filipina dating sites. But when using any dating site it's essential to be on your guard. The safest thing is to not trust anyone, at least to start with. And of course if you don't send money to somebody then you won't get scammed.

A particular hazard with Hong Kong Cupid are Filipina dating site scammers. Filipinas are often very lovely. But sadly there are big numbers of Filipina dating site scammers on Asian dating websites. Just because a Filipina is working and living in Hong Kong, it doesn't mean she is going to be any more honest than a Filipina living back in the Philippines. By all means chat to Hong Kong based Filipinas on the site. But if talk turns to money, it might be best to end all contact and block her on the site. Another thing to be wary of is being asked to help with sending goods to and from the Philippines, or help with airfares. Sometimes these can indicate that an advanced fee fraud is at work.

Other than that, if you're talking to somebody who claims to be living in Hong Kong then just make sure that they are. And Hong Kong attracts a lot of migrant workers who may be working away from home. If you're looking for a long term relationship then make sure whoever you're chatting to on the site is after a similar type of relationship.

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Alternatives to Hong Kong Cupid

Chinese Cupid (or Chinese Love Links as it's also called) is the obvious alternative. In fact there are a few members from Hong Kong on this site as well.

If you're interested in single professional Asian men or women, and aren't specifically wanting them to be of Chinese origin then other sites worth a look are:

So if you're single and living and working in Hong Kong, then give Hong Kong Cupid a go. It's probably the best Hong Kong dating site available.

Chat to 1000's of Hot Chinese Women Tonight!

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