Getting Started with Asian Dating

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Getting Started

So you're thinking about finding an Asian wife. How do you get started?

First of all, if you want an Asian wife, you're going to have to do a bit of thinking. Here are some key questions you need to ask yourself:

  • Can you afford an Asian wife?
  • What age difference is acceptable?
  • Which country do you want to find a wife from?
  • Do you want a lady to live with you in your country, or do you want to live in her country?
  • Does it matter if she is divorced, has children from a previous relationship or has other baggage?
  • Does it matter if she doesn't speak English?

Most men usually have a good idea of age and country. Country choices are usually Japan, China, Thailand or the Philippines. Although men normally base these choices on physical appearance, don't forget that ladies from each of these countries also have widely different personalities. One huge problem men have is of stereotypes. Take one example: despite what you might have read, Chinese ladies aren't often shy and submissive.

Make sure you know exactly what Asian ladies are like - read these guides to Asian ladies and you'll have a huge advantage when it comes to finding the right wife for you.

There are also some very basic things that you should do:

  • Generally speaking, it's better not to tell your friends and family too much about your search for an Asian wife. The good news is that virtually everyone learns to love your new Asian wife, and Asian ladies do assimilate well into most families. But mention Asian wives and you'll have to put up with a lot of rubbish about mail order brides. So in the early stages, keep things to yourself.
  • We men are told to impress ladies we want to marry. This is true to some extent. But do not fall into the trap of sending ladies gifts and money. Save these for after marriage. A lot of dating sites have flowers and gift ordering services. Just give these a wide berth.
  • Take things slowly! Don't spend two weeks on a dating site then rush off to meet the first lady who sends you an email. Take 2-3 months to talk to a whole range of ladies.
  • On the other hand. Don't take things slowly! Asian ladies spend a lot of time talking to men who don't deliver. If you say you're going to visit a lady then DO IT! An Asian lady will never commit to you until you get that ring on her finger.
  • Once you've decided on the country you want to find a wife from, then research that country. Read travel books. Buy some self help language books. Showing a lady you know something about her language and culture will impress her no end.
  • Before you get too involved, make sure you can afford to find an Asian wife. Budget on at least 2 trips to Asia a year. Many Asian ladies will also need to help support their families after marriage. Again, this will be money you need to find (at least until you can find your new wife a job). Don't underestimate the money issue - money is incredibly important in Asian culture. Money is usually the reason for Asian ladies divorcing their new Western husbands.
  • If you haven't got one, apply for a passport!

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Choosing an Asian Wife

Online dating has revolutionised the search for an Asian wife. There are a wide range of dating sites, and you can read about most of them on the Asian Dating Sites Guide.

If you want to choose the best Asian wife for you, then talk to a lot of ladies! Don't always go for the youngest, or the best looking. Choose a lady who is a little different, and who seems genuinely interested in you. If a lady makes a lot of effort to talk to you a lot then she's interested in you.

One thing to watch out for is that some parts of Asia are difficult and/or unsafe to travel to. It's usually a good idea to focus on finding ladies in an Asian city in which you can easily travel to. For China I recommend Guangzhou and Shenzhen. For the Philippines I'd go for Cebu. Thailand is easy - stick to Bangkok.

Sadly all sites have problems in one way or another. Scammers are a major issue. It is inevitable you will encounter scam ladies so make sure you learn how to spot them. Don't worry too much though - there are plenty of decent ladies on Asian dating sites, and I've had some fantastic times visiting the Asian ladies I've met online.

Most Asian dating sites are free to sign up to, so try some out and see if you like the look of the ladies on the site. This is how I got started.

Good luck on your search for an Asian wife!

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