Essential Facts About Free Thai Dating Sites

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We all like to save money online. Unfortunately free dating sites can be more trouble than they're worth. Here's why free Thai dating sites can be a false economy, and why you're better off spending money on a subscription Thai dating site.

What You Need to Know About Free Thai Dating Sites

Whether you're looking for a Thai bride or an Asian wife from any other country, you'll quickly get overwhelmed with the choice of Asian dating site out there.

To be perfectly honest, most of the smaller free dating sites aren't worth bothering with. They either have too few members, or the facilities or basic, or they're a haven for scammers. Anyone looking for a partner from overseas is very vulnerable to dating scammers. Many of the scammers operate out of West Africa. They steal photos from Facebook, Flickr or elsewhere then pretend to be beautiful Asian, Russian, Thai or other ladies. Actually sometimes they pretend to be men in order to scam women. Free dating sites are hazardous. The African scammers love free dating sites because:

  • They can sign up as many times as they want without spending a cent.
  • The free dating sites don't usually have any basic anti-fraud protection, so the sites don't even do basic checking like seeing which country the member's computer is based in.
  • Many free dating sites have tens of thousands of members, so it's easy to hide in the crowd.
  • Free dating sites don't usually employ human moderators to hunt them down. And if they are found out they can simply open up a new free profile in a different name.
  • Free dating sites are popular with newbie online daters, and newbies are always easier to scam than seasoned professionals.

One other problem with free Thai dating sites is that sometimes sites appear to be free, but they are in fact pay sites. Sadly even the largest dating sites make it deliberately difficult to find out how much they cost. They want to get you to join as a free member first, then they hope you'll find someone you want to contact and then take out a subscription.

If you do want to use a free Thai dating site then be wary of members who you might meet on there but who then suggest another site to visit. This is hazardous because:

  • Scammers love to move you to a different site in order to evade detection by the original site on which you met.
  • Ladies represented by marriage agencies frequently suggest this because their agency or translator won't make any money on a free dating site (see more about letter writing below).

Finally, some Thai dating sites are free, but they have a credit based system where you pay every time you send or receive a letter from a Thai lady. Sites that use this method include Thai Matches. Be extremely wary of this kind of site. While many men have found their dream Asian lady on such sites, it can be an expensive way of communicating with an Asian lady. You're usually better off using a flat rate site that allows you to send or receive as many messages as you wish. Incidentally, once you've been in this game for a while then you'll start to notice that many of the Thai ladies have profiles on several dating sites.

Free Thai Dating Pictures

One reason to use a free Thai dating site is so you can sample the dating profiles and see if a Thai partner is for you. Most personals sites allow the members to upload a few photos of themselves. When you use the site you can then search for ladies and see pics of all the female members that meet your search parameters.

You don't actually need to use a free dating site in order to do this. Pretty much all Thai dating sites allow you to sign up for free and browse the Thai personals on the site. The good thing about using a subscription site rather than a free site is that the photos are more likely to be genuine. Properly run Thai dating sites like Thai Cupid actually verify the photos uploaded by members against their photographic identification so they can't submit photos of models, actresses or movie stars!

One thing to be wary of is that a lot of Asian ladies get professional studio photos taken for their dating profiles. These photos are often airbrushed to make the ladies look like goddesses. Of course they're usually beautiful in real life as well, but just be aware that they might not look like their studio shots. Single Chinese girls in particular are huge fans of photo studios, but you'll also come across Thai ladies who have indulged in a bit of professional photoshopping.

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Free Asian Dating Sites

If you don't know whether you want to find a Thai wife or a bride from another Asian country then it might be useful to try an Asian dating site rather than a Thailand specific dating site. The biggest free Asian dating site is DateInAsia. It has female members from a wide range of Asian countries. Most of the members are however from China, Thailand and the Philippines.

So 100% free Asian dating sites are worth a look if you're still in the early stages of deciding that you want an Asian wife. They can be useful if you want to see what's available, and which country you want to focus your search on. Once you're serious about the idea of an Asian wife then it's invariably better to use a trusted subscription based online dating site like ThaiLoveLinks. Alternatively take a look at one of the many Thai introduction agencies. They are normally much safer than using a free Thai dating site.

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