Where to Find Smart Asian Women

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If you like your ladies to be intelligent, then of course it's a good idea to head to Asia! South East Asians are consistently the top performers in school tests where there are plenty of kids from different nationalities. I've met quite a few Asian ladies, and I am stunned at how intelligent they are, even ladies with average careers. I know a Chinese girl who learnt Cantonese in 6 months. I went on dates with two ladies who had better jobs than I did. All of the Asian ladies I've dated have been pretty smart women in their own way.

Japan and China are awash with beautiful and stylish professional ladies

If you want to find smart Asian women, it's usually best to head for China or Japan. There are smart women in Thailand and the Philippines as well, but China and Japan is your best hunting ground for the smart Asian alpha female.

Japanese dating is difficult, and if you're not currently living in Japan then it's an uphill struggle to find a smart Japanese lady.

Finding smart Chinese ladies is much easier. Smart Chinese ladies find it hard to find husbands in China. Chinese men like young ladies, and smart ladies usually marry later in life due to work or college commitments earlier in life. Fear not because Chinese ladies are usually at their peak attractiveness in their 30's and 40's. Chinese men also rarely marry ladies who have better jobs than they do, so despite the surplus of men in China, there's a surplus of alpha males that a smart Chinese lady would consider a good husband.

If you want to find a smart Chinese woman, sign up for Chinese Love Links. This Chinese dating site is awash with top quality professional ladies. You'll find managers, office ladies, university lecturers and more. There are even women on there with doctorates and MBA's. Many also speak perfect English. Set your search for one of the booming coastal cities that attract single young professional ladies. Think Shanghai, Guangzhou, Dalian, Shenzhen and Tianjin. Just find a lot of ladies you like in a specific city, then go and visit them all! Look for ladies in the 28 - 45 age range. Look for ladies who have posted their own photos to the site. Sometimes their photos are poor quality, but behind the snapshot may be a beautiful and sophisticated lady. Younger Chinese ladies are very cute, but they're more likely to not know what they want in life, and of course they're far more likely to be scammers.

Remember the downside to dating Asian alpha females! They can be pretty demanding. Make sure you're up for the challenge. Also make sure that the lady you're chatting to has the same ambitions as you do - i.e. will she want to quit her career to start a family? Would she be happy being a housewife for a few years? If she doesn't have good English skills then would she be happy moving to your country and taking a much less stimulating job?

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So if your taste is for smart Asian women, then this is how to go about finding them. Good luck!

Chat to 1000's of Hot Chinese Women Tonight!

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