Finding A Chinese Wife - 10 Things You Need To Know

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Love Chinese Culture

If you want a Chinese bride then you're going to have an easier time of it if you are interested in Chinese culture. Westerners are often interested in Asian religions. Chinese ladies normally believe in a number of different religions, although they tend to only follow one rather than the Japanese who are happy to be multi-faith.

Love Chinese Food

Chinese ladies love to cook for their husbands. Needless to say if you're thinking of marrying a Chinese lady then you should want to eat Chinese food. Chinese food is both nutritious and delicious. Bear in mind that if you don't like spicy food then you might want to avoid finding a Chinese wife from one of the regions in China where pretty much most of the food is spicy. Food from Hunan, Hubei and Sichuan Provinces is especially spicy. Cantonese food from the Southern Provinces tends to be much less spicy.

Learn some Chinese

If you want to impress a Chinese lady, then learn some Chinese. The Chinese language is easier than you might think, and it's possible to find Chinese teachers in most large towns and cities.

The Chinese written language contains thousands of Chinese Hanzi characters that need to be memorised. Learning a few characters is quite easy, and as with English words, there are a few Chinese characters that appear frequently. Master these and you can go a long way to understanding what a particular sign says for example.

There is only one Chinese written language, but there are many different spoken dialects. The two most common are Mandarin and Cantonese. It's a lot more complex than this, as many Chinese Provinces and even cities have their own particular dialect. If you want to communicate with your Chinese lady then it's easier to choose one who can speak good Mandarin. In theory all Chinese people speak good Mandarin. However, if you actually talk to any of the ladies on a Chinese dating site then you'll realise that it's not true at all. If you live near a China Town then a lot of the Chinese there will speak Cantonese, although they are starting to get replaced with new immigrants from the mainland who speak mainly Mandarin.

Family Matters

It's a hard life for many Chinese women - marrying a Western man can make for a much easier life!

A Chinese woman will regard her man as important. However, if there are family problems, then you'll have to take a back seat while the issues are sorted out. This can be tough, but it's what Chinese people do, so get used to it.

If you're planning on starting a relationship with a Chinese woman, then it's essential to learn about her family circumstances. You'll invariably need her family's approval for the union, so try to identify any problems as early in the relationship as you can. Don't rely on your Chinese lady to point them out to you, some of them are spectacularly useless at this! Remember that a Chinese person is expected to care for the rest of her family, especially her parents. If you marry a Chinese lady then this burden will fall on you, so make sure you can afford it if financial assistance will be required.

Long Distance Relationship Woes

Before looking for a wife in China, be aware that a long distance relationship is very stressful. In particular the periods between being with your lady are tough going, and you're constantly worrying when you don't hear from her. Communications are haphazard in China, so this can be a real problem.

Remember also that even after you marry your lady there might be a long wait for the immigration authorities to grant her a visa to come and live in your country.


It takes time to build trust in a relationship, so take things slowly. Sadly Chinese people aren't always trustworthy. Look at all the food scandals and other things that go on in China. Sadly Chinese people often love scamming each other, quite apart from scamming Westerners.

Part of the problem is that China's huge population makes it exceedingly hard to get on in life without some underhand tactics.

Male Intuition

Having a relationship with anyone can be difficult, so it's no different with a Chinese lady. In all your dealings with your lady, it's best to trust your male intuition. By all means listen to others and participate in foreign bride forums, but at the end of the day your own intuition will most likely be the greatest ally you have.

Be Thick Skinned

If you intend to visit a Chinese lady then be aware that if you're walking around one of the Chinese towns or cities where foreigners are rare, then you'll attract a fair bit of attention. If you're seen with a Chinese lady then you'll attract a lot of stares! If you're the type of person who finds this uncomfortable, then it's best to stick to one of the Chinese cities where foreigners are more common, and interracial relationships aren't so rare. Foreigner friendly cities include Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Beijing and Shanghai. Failing that, look for a Thai wife instead, as many more Westerners marry Thai ladies compared to Chinese ladies, so the locals are used to seeing Western men with Thai women.

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Scammers Alert!

All dating sites suffer from problems with scammers. A lot of the scammers aren't even Chinese ladies - they are African men from Nigeria or other West African nations. If you're talking to a Chinese lady on a dating site then before you fall in love with her make sure you know she really exists! Photographs don't count. You MUST see her on webcam. Ideally you should also post her a small gift then get her to send you a photo of her with the gift. Also be extremely wary of Chinese ladies who say they are living or visiting overseas countries, especially in Africa! Please be aware that it is extremely unlikely that a single Chinese lady would be allowed to travel on her own to most Western countries (unless she's a student).

The good news is that Chinese ladies themselves are less likely to be scammers than Thai or Filipina women. They are also much less likely to be scammers if you get involved with their parents - Chinese ladies are normally reluctant to involve their families in any scams they may be running.

Avoid Paranoia

All this talk of scammers makes people nervous. While there are plenty of scammers about, remember that there are also plenty of decent women on dating sites. Sites like Chnlove have a poor reputation, but men (including myself) have met women through the site, and yes there are women on the site who really exist, and who really do want to find a Western partner.

Another problem is that it seems that some of the Asian dating sites are running bitter hate campaigns against each other, so some of the bad comments you see about the various sites are probably fake.

Be rest assured that the Asian Dating Sites Guide is 100% independent and is not affiliated with any dating sites.

Good luck with your search for a Chinese wife.

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Chat to 1000's of Hot Chinese Women Tonight!

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