Where to Find the Best Looking Asian Women

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Men are shallow and looks are important when a man is choosing a wife. Women claim they can't understand men's preoccupation with beautiful girls, then they'll go out and spend $50 on some new face cream. So where are the best looking Asian women from, and which country has the best Asian girls?

Best Looking Asian Women

Best dressed Asian ladies? Obviously Japan is the clear front runner here?

If you look on any Asian dating site then you'll tend to notice that Chinese ladies are probably the most beautiful Asian women. Chinese ladies tend to be taller than other Asian women, and they have very good figures. Chinese ladies tend to age particularly well - all those years spent carrying sun umbrellas and avoiding alcohol and cigarettes does pay off.

Chinese ladies also have a big advantage on dating sites - they're very much into posing for photographs. Everywhere you go in China you'll see women (and men!) posing in the most elaborate poses. No other Asian race seems this obsessed with photographing themselves. The result of this is that the average middle class Chinese woman will have 10,000 photos of herself at home that she can choose from when she comes to selecting the perfect photo to upload to a dating site.

Many Chinese ladies go one step further and get professional studio photos done. There are dozens of photographic studios in the average Chinese city. These photos will often be airbrushed and flattering lighting used in order to make a lady's skin look as light as possible. Chinese ladies are also stylish, and slightly reserved. So their photos will be a lot more tasteful than the Thai or Filipina photos you sometimes see on some dating sites. Although having said that, all Asian girls are quite demure compared to what you often see on Russian or Latin American dating sites!

So while a lot of Chinese beauty may be smoke and mirrors, go to any Chinese city and you'll still be stunned by the beauty of the average lady in the street. If beauty is important to you then some of the best Chinese girls are to be found in Hubei, Sichuan and Hunan Provinces. In these provinces, the fresh mountain air and rivers make for the beautiful lady.

Japanese ladies are also very attractive. They tend to dress very stylishly, so if you're looking for a well dressed Asian lady, then try Japan. Of course, other Asian countries are catching up fast. Chinese city girls (particularly those in Shanghai and Shenzhen) are known for their stylish looks, and increasingly, that little Gucci handbag won't be a fake.

South Korean ladies are very elegant. Few Western men date Korean girls, but this may be the most overlooked country in Asia.

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Sexy Little Brown Girls

Pale skin is considered attractive in most of Asia. Pale skin is associated with being from the upper reaches of society, whereas brown skin is associated with working in fields all day long.

Asian ladies often spend a lot of money on skin lightening products. If you look at any billboard in Asia, the chances are the female model featured on them has the palest skin possible.

Westerners however, tend to associate brown skin with being healthy. Pale English girls will spend a fortune on fake tan, as they believe it makes them look much more attractive. In the West, darker skin is seen as being healthier, especially in Northern Europe where Winters can be long and dark and sunlight is in short supply.

If you like darker skinned girls then the best countries to look for an Asian wife are Thailand or the Philippines. Most men head to Thailand. But seriously consider the Philippines. Filipinas marry for life, and they treat marriage much more seriously than Thai or Chinese girls often do. They're also fun loving, find it easier to learn English (they may already know English) and they're more used to living overseas. Already it's estimated that there are more Filipinos living in the United States than there are people of Chinese origin. On top of that Filipinas tend to have very sexy curvy bodies. Marry a Filipina and you're unlikely to regret it.

So this article has hopefully given you some idea of what the best looking Asian women are. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder though, so which Asian women are the best looking is a personal choice.

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