Finding Filipino Girls For Marriage

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So you're interested in finding a Filipino girl to marry. What are your options? Here are three different ways of finding Filipino girls for marriage.

Meeting Filipino Girls on Dating Sites

There are a large number of Asian dating websites available. The free Asian dating sites are best avoided. These sites are often full of scam ladies, so use them at your peril.

Another type of site to be wary of is the letter writing site. These dating sites are normally free to join, so you can have a look at the ladies available on the site. You then get charged every time you send or receive a letter from the lady you're corresponding with. The problem is that this type of charging model can work out very expensive for the man! The other problem is that it's really wide open to abuse by the dating site or the marriage agencies representing the ladies. It's all too easy to invent fake profiles of ladies, then make a small fortune sending or receiving the same letters from the imaginary lady. Remember that most Filipino ladies can write in English, so you really don't need to use a translator or a letter writing service when corresponding with a Filipino girl. Despite what you might have been told, the Philippines isn't in the stone age - there are plenty of Filipino girls who can use Facebook and MSN just as well as Western women can!

A couple of the better Filipino dating sites to try are Filipino Cupid and Cherry Blossoms. Both have free trials, and have thousands of lovely Filipino ladies registered with them. After the trial had ended you can sign up for a monthly or annual subscription. Both sites are relatively inexpensive. The good thing is that you can write to as many ladies as you like for this one subscription fee. By the way, while you're on either of these sites, be wary of ladies who talk to you for a bit then suggest you move over to another site. This usually means they (or their marriage agency) wants to extract more money out of you by charging for translations.

One thing to be wary of is that there are plenty of Filipino scam ladies operating on dating sites. Their cute looks and their ability to write good English means that some Filipino ladies are very good at operating online scams. Be wary of anyone who asks for money, and it's always best not to fall in love with somebody you haven't met in person.

Meeting Filipino Girls through Introduction Agencies

Filipino dating sites are a bit hit and miss. You could meet the Filipino girl of your dreams only to travel to Cebu or some other city, and realise she's nothing like what you expected. If you're on a limited budget then it's often a better idea to employ the services of an introduction agency. These are numerous in the Philippines. Usually they're run by American or British expats who have married local Filipino girls, so they know exactly what men are looking for when they decide to find a Filipino wife. Often the agencies will be stocked up with Filipino ladies who are friends of friends of the agency owner - personal recommendation is usually a good way to find an Asian wife.

Asian introduction agencies usually charge a fixed fee to help you find a local girl who wants to marry a Western man. For this fee you'll usually be introduced to a number of ladies. Gone are the days of the mail order bride - these days men and women can use email and webcams to communicate, which makes that first meeting in person a whole lot more relaxing. Here the Filipino girl's ability to speak and write English is a huge advantage compared to finding a bride from Thailand or China.

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Meeting Filipino Girls through Escorted Tours of the Philippines

If you aren't totally comfortable with the idea of meeting ladies over the Internet, then how about an escorted tour of the Philippines? Many companies operate wife finding tours of Asian countries, including the Philippines. During your trip you'll be introduced to a large number of lovely Filipino ladies. The great thing about these tours is that you can instantly find out if there's chemistry between you and a Filipino girl. Speaking from experience, you can do all the Internet dating in the world, only to find out that there's no chemistry between you in real life when you meet. Escorted tours include guided tours of various Philippines cities, so you can become acquainted with Filipino culture while you're there. Sometimes the tours are organised by companies that also operate introduction agencies. These are great because you can sometimes tell them about ladies you're particularly interested in visiting while you're on the tour.

So these are a few ideas for finding Filipino girls who are interested in marrying a Western guy. Good luck with your search for the Filipina of your dreams.

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