5 Places Where YOU Can Find a Wife From Japan

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Asian wives are increasingly popular. Of all the Asian ladies, it is perhaps Japanese ladies who are the most sought after by Western men. So here's five places where you can look for a wife from Japan.

Japan Cupid

If you're interested in finding a wife in Japan then Japan Cupid is a key website to know about. Cupid Media run a large network of very popular dating sites, and Japan Cupid is their Japanese dating site.

You'll find a good number of profiles on this site. It can be hard to find ladies who are interested in you though. In this respect this site is a disappointment compared to the more Asian mail order brides focussed sites like Chinese Love Links and Filipino Cupid.

If you want to find love on Japan Cupid then you'll have to put in a lot more effort compared to the Chinese, Thai or Filipina dating sites. That means it's absolutely essential to buy a Gold or Platinum membership. You need to upload good quality photos, and really spend a lot of time writing your profile. If you can write it in Japanese then so much the better. Japanese ladies can also be quite shy, and you'll have to really spend a lot of time contacting them and generally hassling them until they get the idea that you actually do like them.


Japanese women are sought after by men all over the world, but it's not particularly easy to find a Japanese wife

MeetJapanLady is a service for Western men seeking Japanese women for marriage. The service is run from the USA, with an office in Tokyo. This is a very high quality introduction service, with a very good rate of successful marriages. It could well be the very best way for men to meet Japanese women.

MeetJapanLady is a traditional introduction agency rather than a dating site. Members are screened before they are accepted for membership. This is good in that the quality of Japanese ladies you can meet through the service is exceptional. On the downside, there aren't as many ladies as there are on a dating site like Japan Cupid.

To get the most out of this agency it's probably better if you're already living and working in Japan. That way you'll find it much easier to meet the ladies registered with the agency.

Since the ladies using the service tend to be from the higher reaches of Japanese society, you'll also need to have a pretty good job and be able to afford to travel to Japan to meet the ladies in person.

Transpacific Marriage Agency

The Transpacific Marriage Agency is another marriage agency that helps Western men find Japanese wives. This service runs like a traditional mail order brides business that used to help men find Asian wives in the 1970's and 80's. The system is largely paper based and I found it terribly old fashioned. I couldn't even specify which Prefecture to find ladies from - in Japan I'm a man of fairly modest means thanks to the poor exchange rate against the Yen, so it's too expensive for me to travel all over Japan in search of love. There are some nice ladies registered with the agency, but I didn't think it was worth the much higher fee than Japan Cupid charges.

Here's a more comprehensive review of TMA's services.

Japanese Friend Finder

There are a couple of Japanese Friend Finder websites. These are more chat focussed than being dating sites as such. However, you can assume that women wanting to chat to Western men are usually interested in some kind of relationship rather than just a language study buddy. If you're more marriage minded, then aim for the girls who are 24 and older, as the younger girls usually just want to chat rather than find a husband.

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Look for a Japanese wife in China? Isn't this a strange place to find Japanese women?

My own particular search for a Japanese wife wasn't particularly successful. The funny thing is that after meeting some Japanese ladies I decided that I didn't really think they were for me. I found them quite shy and it was pretty much impossible to know what they were thinking. I guess if I moved to Japan for a year or two then I'd have another go at dating Japanese women. But as I write this I can only get 114 Yen to the UK Pound and so it looks like my days of visiting Japan are long gone.

However, Japan's neighbor China is an increasingly attractive place to find an Asian wife. You might think of Chinese ladies as being similar to the poor and uneducated mail order brides men often find in Thailand or the Philippines. But this is far from the truth. In fact, most Chinese ladies on dating sites are from the middle to the top of Chinese society. Education wise they compare favorably with the Japanese women I've met. They don't tend to be as well traveled, but that's changing. Of course Chinese and Japanese women look pretty similar, but your chances of dating a perfect 10 in China are considerably higher than they would be in Japan.

One good thing about China is that with such a vast population, the country is awash with beautiful women. And if you're the sort of caliber of man who could date a Japanese woman then you'll be a big hit if you put your profile on Chinese Love Links!

To find Chinese women who are similar to Japanese women, stick to the larger cities like Beijing, Guangzhou or Shanghai. In fact, the language search feature of Chinese Love Links allows you to find many Japanese speakers who are of Chinese nationality. These Japanese speakers do seem to take on many of the characteristics of Japanese women - maybe learning Japanese does this for you?

Want to know more about Chinese ladies? Wondering if they're a good alternative to finding a Japanese wife? Visit the Chinese Dating Sites Guide for all you need to know about dating Chinese women.

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