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Filipino Cupid is one of the biggest Asian niche dating sites that focusses on the Philippines. It's a great place to meet Philippine girls. The site is predominantly used by Western men looking for Filipina wives and girlfriends, although anyone can register on the site for free. The site is run by Cupid Media, who own a large number of niche dating sites. All of the sites have similar features. There are reasonable anti-scam and anti-fraud measures, including the requirement to upload photographic evidence of your identity.

Filipino Cupid was previously known as Filipina Heart. Don't worry - only the name has changed and the site has all the lovely Filipina ladies that were available on Filipina Heart.

Using the Filipino Cupid Dating Site

The Filipino Cupid is free to sign up to so you can quickly register and have a look and see if you like the idea of finding a Filipina wife.

Once you've decided a Filipina wife is for you then it's best to register for full membership of the site. This shows to prospective partners that you're serious about finding a Filipino wife. The site has an attractive range of membership fees which are heavily discounted if you sign up for a year. While Filipino Cupid obviously costs a lot more than a free dating site such as DateInAsia, free dating sites are usually a false economy. It's also worth bearing in mind that finding an Asian wife is not the cheap option by any means - finding an Asian wife will cost you a lot more than you think in terms of time and money.

Unlike other sites such as Chnlove or Foreign Ladies, Filipino Cupid isn't just a place to meet a wife. It's also a place where you can meet language study partners, penpals and just friends. This is useful because if you're really serious about finding an Asian wife it's a really good idea to make some friends in your prospective wife's country. This will help you to build a support network, meaning you're less likely to get scammed. Making friends is also a good way to make use of the Asian matchmaking abilities of your Asian friends - matchmaking is one of the best ways of meeting an Asian wife.

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Why Filipina Women Make Great Wives

Traditionally when a Western man wanted to find an Asian wife he would usually head straight for Thailand. Now the Internet and global air travel have made it easier than ever to find an Asian wife, men have started to realise there are beautiful Asian ladies in countries other than Thailand. Political uncertainties and turmoil that has spilled over into tourist areas of Bangkok as well as the international airport haven't helped matters either.

It's now a lot more common for men seeking an Asian wife to look for her in China or the Philippines. Ladies from different Asian countries tend to look and behave quite differently, so it's usually a good idea to decide which country you want to find an Asian wife from. China is a good place to meet pretty Asian girls, however the cultural and language barriers are immense. The Philippines is often a better place to look for an Asian girl - many speak good English and if you go on a dating site like Filipino Cupid then you'll be besieged by Philippine girls.

A Filipina wife is a good choice if religion is an important part of your life. Most Filipinos are Christian, with Catholicism being the dominant Christian religion. Even if you're not particularly religious yourself it's sometimes good to marry a Christian girl. Catholics are taught to respect marriage, and divorce is frowned upon. Consequently a Filipina will put a bit more consideration into her choice of marriage partner than compared to Thailand or China where divorce is routine.

Filipinas tend to be great fun to be with, so if you're a fun loving guy then a Filipina could be a good choice of wife.

A huge advantage of Filipina women is that they tend to speak and write very good English. In fact many of them have better English language skills than English or American people! That's not to say you won't have communication problems with a Filipina girl - there is a huge cultural difference between Asian countries and the West, and Philippine English has many words of its own. Being English speaking makes it much easier to find a Filipina wife online, as there is no need to rely on dodgy translators (i.e. Chnlove) or try to learn difficult tonal languages such as Thai or Mandarin Chinese.

Since the Philippines economy is in a bad shape a large number of its population live and work overseas. In fact around 10% of Filipinos work overseas. Healthcare is a popular career choice as there is usually a shortage of trained nurses in most Western countries.

The good thing about so many Filipinos having lived and worked overseas is that they are much more used to the customs and traditions in other countries. You'll find that Filipinas tend to be much more knowledgeable about what the rest of the world is like compared to Chinese ladies, who rarely travel outside of China.

The other good thing is that you might be able to find a Filipina wife in your own country. There's less chance of getting scammed, and you don't have to travel halfway round the world for a date.

Filipino Cupid Scams

Sadly there are a lot of scammers and timewasters on most online dating sites. It's not just the ladies either - there are plenty of "married but looking" guys plus the guys who make all kinds of promises but never visit their Filipina beauty.

Scammers basically fall into two categories: those working on their own, and those working as part of a criminal gang. The lone scammers are usually pretty easy to spot - they tend to copy the common dating scams used by other scammers, and they don't tend to be that intelligent. However the danger is that love clouds judgement and it's much easier to be scammed by someone you've fallen in love with. Where possible it's best not to fall in love with someone online before you've met them for real. Even after you've met them be cautious. Trust takes a while to grow in any relationship.

Remember that the cost of living in the Philippines is much lower than Western countries - $10 would be a very good daily wage for the average Filipino. Some scammers work by getting large numbers of men to send them a few dollars - it soon adds up to a very good income in the Philippines.

Professional gangs of scammers are often part of organised crime networks. They can be more difficult to spot, so always use a reputable dating site like Filipina Heart where they have the technology and staff to help weed out the professional scammers.

It's always best to be suspicious of new members of dating sites. Professional scammers will get round this by keeping a number of accounts dormant for months before they use them to defraud their victims.

So to summarise, Filipino Cupid is one of the best dating sites to use if you're certain you want to find a Filipino wife from the Philippines. Alternatives to Filipino Cupid include Cherry Blossoms - this site has tens of thousands of Filipino members.

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