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FilipinaHeart is an Asian dating site where you can meet and chat to beautiful Filipina girls online.

Dating sites occasionally change their names, and the Cupid Media run sites are no exception. FilipinaHeart is also becoming known as Filipino Cupid. Some sites do this to find names that people are more likely to search for and to remember. Occasionally domain names become available that allow a big dating site company to give more of their sites similar names. Of more dubious intent is that fact that some dating sites change their names because their site becomes well known as a haven for scams, so they attempt to distance themselves from their former selves so to speak. There's no suggestion that this is the case with FilipinaHeart changing to FilipinoCupid.

FilipinaHeart Review

Like many dating sites, FilipinaHeart is totally free to sign up to, and you can use a good proportion of the site for free. You can easily sign up for free and check out if you think a Filipina beauty is for you.

Once you've decided that you really want to find a Filipino wife or girlfriend then it's best to start work on your profile. The FilipinaHeart system for filling in your profile is basically identical to the many other Cupid Media sites. A nice touch is that you fill in your profile in stages, so that you only have to fill in some more specific details about yourself after you've used the site for a while.

A big difference between dating a Filipina and a lady from Thailand, China or Japan is that she is much more likely to speak English. Consequently it's much easier to find a Filipina wife without the help of a translation service such as those supplied by Chnlove. These sites that have translation services are expensive and unreliable, so that's a huge bonus when dating a Filipina.

If you're serious about finding a Filipina wife then it's advisable to pay for a full membership plan. Two levels of membership are available, with more chat facilities being accessible to those members with the highest level of membership.

It's a good idea to pay for full membership because members who have paid appear at the top of search results, so your profile becomes much more visible to the site's female members. Remember that although dating site scam ladies are well known about, ladies are also at the mercy of scammers, and (more usually) timewasters. Paying for membership does at least show the lady you are a bit more serious about your intentions.

FilipinaHeart offers generous discounts if you pay for a few months membership, and the annual membership plan offers a substantial cost saving.

FilipinaHeart has some of the best search facilities of any dating site. You can search on all kinds of criteria. The site also regularly finds new potential matches for you as well as email you the photos of possible matches.

Choosing a Filipina Wife on FilipinaHeart

Pretty much all the Asian dating sites are awash with Filipina women, so you'll have no problem finding a potential partner.

A useful checklist of things to look for include:

  • Is she in your age range? Although the number of Filipinas who say they are looking for an 18-80 year old guy, remember that Asian women DO NOT prefer much older men. If they do, then they are generally marrying for money. Some guys are fine with this, but if you're not then choose someone closer to your own age.
  • Can she relocate? If you want your lady to live in your own country, make sure she's OK with that. Around 10% of Filipinos live and work overseas, so they are normally much more used to living in other countries compared to Chinese and Thai ladies. Being English speaking also means they're well placed to find a better job in your own country.
  • Does she smoke/drink or have other habits that you don't like?
  • Does she have kids, and if so how would they fit into your future with her?
  • If you're specifically looking for a Christian wife, then make sure she actually is a Christian - most (but not all) Filipinos are.

Once you've talked to a few ladies then it's best to get the difficult questions out of the way like what kind of support her family would require, and what she wants to get out of life.

Chat to 1000's of Hot Chinese Women Tonight!

FilipinaHeart Scam Ladies

Unfortunately scammers operate on nearly every dating site out there. Free Asian dating sites such as DateInAsia are particularly hazardous, and you are strongly advised to avoid the free dating sites altogether. By all means use them if you want to sign up and see if you like the look of ladies from a particular country. Although remember that pretty much all of the paid dating sites (including FilipinaHeart) allow you to sign up for free and browse the personals on the site.

Cupid Media do their best to remove scam ladies, but you should expect to find scammers on FilipinaHeart, so be vigilant at all times. Don't think you're too clever to escape the scammers. Love clouds judgement and before you know it you've lost several thousand dollars. To be honest the majority of scams are very basic and the female scammers aren't exactly bright. But they (like most women) have a high degree of emotional intelligence, and they know exactly what they are doing. Be especially wary of the Filipina beauties on the site, as scammers very often use photos of models or good looking girls they've found on Facebook or Flickr.

Sometimes the amount of money you might lose is small, but a scam is a scam no matter how much money is involved. The bigger problem is generally the emotional trauma these ladies inflict on you - betrayal of trust is a big psychological blow.

The other problem with scam ladies is that they make us men overly paranoid at times. There are plenty of decent and honest Filipinas on FilipinaHeart, so don't lose too much faith in the site.

So to summarise, FilipinaHeart is one of the best Filipina dating sites available. The membership fee is reasonable, and you won't get ripped off by the site itself. FilipinaHeart like all the other Asian dating sites does suffer from its fair share of scammers, but it's much safer to use than a free dating site. Ultimately the best way to find a Filipina wife is to go on a personal recommendation, but if you don't have many contacts in the Filipino community or in the Philippines then FilipinaHeart is the next best alternative for finding a Filipina wife online.

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Chat to 1000's of Hot Chinese Women Tonight!

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