Filipina Wife - How to Find a Sexy Filipina Wife

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Here are some top tips on finding the Filipina wife of your dreams. Filipina women make great wives. Filipina women are friendly, sociable and are family orientated. Being mostly Catholic, they tend to be much more marriage minded than Thai or Chinese women. Divorce is frowned upon in the Philippines, so a Filipina woman will choose her partner very carefully. A huge advantage is that Filipina women speak English. This makes the language barrier much easier compared to finding an Asian wife from China or Thailand. It's also much easier for your future Asian wife should you both want to live in your own country after marriage. Being able to speak English means that she will feel at home much more quickly, and she'll find it easier to gain some independence and be able to find a better job should you both decide she should find a job.

Filipina Dating Sites

So how do you go about finding a Filipina wife? There are a number of options for finding a Filipina wife online. The most popular option is to use one of the many Filipina dating sites.

There are quite a few free Filipina dating sites - these are obviously popular as they're free to sign up to. Although free dating sites like DateInAsia have tens of thousands of members (in fact DateInAsia claim to have over one million members), bear in mind that these will include:

  • Duplicate accounts
  • Dormant members who haven't signed in for months
  • "Married but looking" people
  • Dishonest or timewaster ladies
  • People who aren't really sure they want to find a partner
  • Scammers!

Scammers are particularly numerous on free dating sites, so be very careful. Sadly free dating sites usually lack the technology to spot suspicious accounts and they don't usually have the human resources to follow up reports of scamming activity. Even if they identify a scammer, there's really little they can do to stop the scammer from simply signing up under a different name.

So be wary of free dating sites, which are usually false economy.

Having said all that, I've now built a free Asian dating site with some sophisticated anti-scam precautions that not even the more expensive dating sites offer. So check it out! The membership base is growing rapidly and I've managed to attract some very hot Filipinas to join the site!

Another type of site to avoid is one that charges per contact with the lady. These sites are invariably free to sign up to, but then you have to pay every time you send and receive an email from a lady. This can be a very expensive way of finding an Asian wife as it encourages fraud and wasting of your credits on the site. While some of the sites that use this payment method (e.g. ChnLove) include translator services as part of this fee, the majority of Filipina women can speak English so there is no need to use a translator.

The best quality Asian dating sites are those managed by Cupid Media. For general Asian dating, try Asian Dating or Asian Euro. Asian Dating and Asian Euro both have a large number of Filipina members, as well as members from a range of other Asian countries. If you specifically want a Filipina wife then another option is Filipina Heart - a dating site specifically for meeting Filipina women online. All of the Cupid Media sites have reasonable security precautions such as requiring members to upload photographic identification of themselves. The sites also have good matchmaking features including a very comprehensive search facility. Once you've found someone you're interested in it's possible to compare her and your profile side by side to see if how close a match you could be.

FilipinaHeart and Asian Dating both have a monthly payment plan which allows you to contact unlimited numbers of members. The membership fee is heavily discounted if you sign up for an annual membership.

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Find a Filipina Wife on Cherry Blossoms

One of the biggest online Asian dating websites is Cherry Blossoms. There are many thousands of Filipina women on Cherry Blossoms and it is particularly popular with women who want to find their own husband themselves rather than rely on a marriage or introduction agency or one of the other intermediaries such as the companies that run wife finding escorted tours of the Philippines.

Filipinas are immensely numerous on Cherry Blossoms. In fact if you look for other women (such as Japanese women) on the site then you'll probably find that they're actually Filipinas in disguise. It would be good if Cherry Blossoms could check the quality of their data more frequently.

So if you register with Cherry Blossoms you'll have no problem finding Filipina women to chat to. Although Cherry Blossoms is a reasonably priced dating site, it has a fair number of scam ladies operating on the site, so be careful. Unfortunately scammers like to target free dating sites like DateInAsia or the sites like Cherry Blossoms that allow ladies to sign up for free.

Other Ways of Finding a Filipina Wife

The Philippines economy is pretty bad, so many Filipinos choose to work overseas. In fact around 10% of Filipinos work overseas. Popular career choices for Filipinas including nursing and working in the care industry. However, the whole of Asia is undergoing furious economic expansion, so an increasing number of Asian women are getting jobs in offices or as teachers or other professional careers. Increasingly the Filipinas on dating sites will tend to be from the educated middle classes rather than the poor agricultural workers that used to be commonly found as Thai brides.

Logistically, it's easier to find a Filipina wife in your own country since you wouldn't need to travel all the way to the Philippines to meet her. Travelling to the Philippines as a single male traveller can be a daunting prospect so it's much easier if you can find your wife to be in your own country. Alternatively there are tens of thousands of Filipinas who work in Hong Kong. Hong Kong is easy to reach from major international airports.

Finally there are escorted wife finding tours of the Philippines. It's generally safer to visit the Philippines on an escorted tour. A tour is a particularly good idea if you are the sort of guy who is more comfortable in chatting to women face to face rather than getting to know them online first. On the downside escorted tours tend to be expensive, and you never quite know if the women you'll meet are seriously marriage minded or just coming along for a cheap evening's entertainment.

Good luck in finding your dream Filipina wife.

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