Ways of Spotting Filipina Scammers

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Filipinas could well be the loveliest ladies in Asia, and there are many success stories of marriages between Western men and Filipinas. However, finding the Filipina of your dreams can be a long and hard process, especially if you go down the online dating avenue. There are large numbers of Filipinas on most Asian dating sites, but sorting the decent ones from the dishonest scammers takes a lot of effort. Here are ten ways of minimising the chance of being scammed by a Filipina scammer:

  1. The first and most obvious one is to never send money to somebody you've met online. Break this rule and you're going to regret it later. By all means send small gifts at certain times of the year (e.g. her birthday, Valentine's day etc.), but keep your cash in your wallet.
  2. Scammers usually make first contact with you, so be a little more wary of Filipinas on dating sites who approach you first.
  3. Most Filipina scammers are in the 18-24 age group. Avoid these women if you possibly can. Yes plenty of Filipinas claim they don't care about an age difference, but is a marriage with a 30-40 year age difference really going to work?
  4. Some Filipinas will offer a sexy webcam show in exchange for money. While this isn't really a scam, it's really an inappropriate use of a dating site. There are plenty of websites where you can find this sort of entertainment, so if anyone offers you this kind of show then report their profile and help keep the site clean for marriage minded people.
  5. Scammers will often be talking to several other men at the same time. Consequently they find it hard to remember their sob stories. Take your time chatting to women on dating sites, and if you spot any inconsistencies in what they're telling you then be more wary.
  6. It is important to remember that scammers operate on all dating sites. Just because you've paid for a membership doesn't make the site any safer. Free dating sites such as DateInAsia are often more hazardous than a subscription site such as Filipina Heart, but the reality is that there are good any bad ladies on all of the Filipina dating sites.
  7. Avoid separated Filipinas. Divorce is rare in the Philippines, and also expensive. If you get involved with a separated lady then you'll probably end up paying for her divorce!
  8. While classed as more dishonesty rather than an outright scam, be aware that Filipinas sometimes lie about whether they have children. In many Asian countries it is often the role of the grandparents to look after the children, so it's easy for a woman to lie about her children. Of course many men are OK with ladies who already have children. But if a lady is willing to lie about this, how many other lies is she capable of?
  9. Scammers are usually young and beautiful. In some cases Filipinas have been known to steal photos of Filipina celebrities and post them to their profile. It's always a good idea to see your chosen lady on webcam in order that you can verify that she actually exists.
  10. Finally, remember that the Philippines is one of the poorest Asian countries, with low salaries and high unemployment, so there are plenty of Filipinas who will do anything to leave the country. You also need to be on the lookout for green card/visa scammers. These ladies have a longer term game plan, and so they can be a lot more difficult to spot than the basic money scammers. Just be wary of anyone who wants to find a man of any age, or a woman who talks a lot about marriage. Ladies who have friends or family in your country should also be regarded with suspicion, as they might just be looking for a way to join their relatives.

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Although there are plenty of internet dating horror stories, bear in mind that usually the victim has broken the first rule. Again - never send money to anyone you've met on an online dating site. Take your time on dating sites, think with your head, and you should be able to avoid most of the Filipina scammers working the Asian dating sites.

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