What to Expect When You Login to Filipina Heart

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Filipina Heart (sometimes also known as Filipina Cupid) is a dating site where you can meet and chat to Filipino people online. As you might expect, the most popular use of the site is for Filipino women to meet and chat to Western men looking for Asian wifes and girlfriends (i.e. mail order brides).

Beautiful ladies and bad weather - two common sights in Asia!

You can sign up to Filipina Heart free of charge. When you sign up you have to fill out a quick registration form. Most of the more detailed questions can be answered at a later stage. It's best to answer all of the questions at some point though, as it improves the site's matchmaking abilities. It also shows to a Filipina that you're more serious about finding a partner.

When you sign up and login it's also a good idea to upload several photos of yourself. Choose a portrait photo, plus a full length pose of yourself. If you can show a couple of photos of you doing something you enjoy (such as doing an outdoors activity or travelling) then so much the better.

When you come to write your profile and what you're looking for, keep it short and simple. Remember that contrary to what you've heard, many Filipinas don't read or understand that much English. English is largely a language of business, so if a Filipina doesn't work in a job that requires English on a day to day basis then she might find it hard to remember words.

So what should you expect after you login to the site and register?

Well the first thing is that you'll probably be overwhelmed with interest! New members attract a lot of interest from the Filipina women, and you'll be swamped with attention. It's all very flattering for the male ego. But at the same time, remember that you need to have a plan.

If you're serious about finding a partner on Filipina Heart then you'll want to visit the Philippines at some stage. Now before you get besotted with a Filipina girl, bear in mind that some parts of the Philippines are difficult to visit. Public transport can be slow, and in some cases dangerous. The seas around the islands can be treacherous, and ferry sinkings are very common. In fact they're so common that you usually only hear about them if there is a tremendous loss of life. Needless to say safety standards aren't always good.

Another issue is that some parts of the Philippines are dangerous for Westerners to visit. Terrorism and kidnappings are known to happen in some areas. Always check the travel advice offered by your government. The island of Mindano is particularly susceptible to these problems. There are many Filipinas from Mindano on Filipina Heart, especially from Davao City. Filipinas from Mindano have a reputation for making really loving and devoted wives. But whether you would want to visit the island is up to you. Other popular places to visit are Cebu and Manila. Both have regular connecting flights from Hong Kong.

As well as the threat of kidnappings or terrorism, there is the ever present threat of natural disasters. The Philippines is unfortunate in that it often experiences a range of natural disasters, from volcanoes to mudslides, tropical storms and typhoons.

But don't let these problems discourage you from making that trip. But before you talk to girls, do some reading about the Philippines and decide where you would most like to visit. Then you can set up your "My Matches" parameters in Filipina Heart to only show you girls from the area you'd like to visit. At this point I'll say that you must be ruthless about this and delete interests from any girl who doesn't live in the area you want to visit. Don't let beauty distract you. Even if the girl is a perfect 10, or even an 11 or a 12, stick to your plan.

Incidentally, if you're serious about finding a Filipina wife then it's pretty much essential to sign up for full membership of the site. This shows you're serious about finding love on the site. It also allows you to contact the free members (which are 99.99% of the Filipinas on the site). In reward for being a Gold or Platinum member you'll also get your profile listed before the free male members on the site. Guess what? This will make you even more popular!

At all times after you login to Filipina Heart you must be on the lookout for scam ladies. Sadly these are all too common on Filipina dating sites. The scammers will usually contact you first, so be a little more wary of girls who contact you. They are usually in the 18-26 age range, but ladies can play games at all ages. Frequently a scammer will list themselves as being self employed.

When chatting to a girl, be on the lookout for any changes in the stories she tells you. Scammers normally talk to many different men, so they have difficulty in remembering who knows what. Needless to say, if the asks for money or tells you a sob story then that's a huge red flag. Don't send money to anyone, at least before marriage. Break this rule and trust me, you will regret it.

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So if you're interested in finding a Filipina bride, then login to Filipina Heart and see if you like the idea of finding a Filipina wife.

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