Filipina Dating - What Can Possibly Go Wrong?

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There are quite a number of Filipina online dating websites. The sites vary greatly in quality. In general the larger sites have better quality search facilities and more Filipina members to choose from.

The Best Filipina Dating Sites

There are some stunning ladies on Asian dating sites, but make sure you think with your head or you could lose your life savings or worse

The best Filipina dating sites are:

  • Filipina Cupid (formerly known as Filipina Heart).
  • Filipina Kisses.
  • Cherry Blossoms.
  • DateIn Asia.
  • Asian Euro (sometimes known as Asian Dating).

It's not really worth bothering with any of the other sites.

When choosing a Filipina dating site, the following factors are worth bearing in mind:

  • Free sites generally attract more scammers and timewasters.
  • Sites that aren't run by legitimate Western or Australian based companies are best avoided.
  • Avoid any Filipina dating site that doesn't have a telephone contact number or postal address.
  • Avoid Filipina dating sites where anyone can see members' profiles without registering first.

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Dating Filipina Women

Dating Filipina women can be hazardous. I've heard many good things about Filipina women, but also some very bad things. On balance that's probably much the same as women from any other country. Take things slowly and think with your head. As far as online dating is concerned, usually your gut instinct is right, so learn to trust it.

Issues to look out for when dating Filipinas are:

  • Be careful with the younger ladies. Here are some Filipina dating horror stories. One of the stories concerns a Western guy dating an 18 year old Filipina. Only she was actually 15. Ha! Do you know what sort of trouble you could get in if you were caught having a relationship with an underage girl in the Philippines? A large fine or imprisonment could be just the start of your problems. So you have to assume that the younger ladies on Filipina dating sites may well be underage. I personally have seen 17 year olds on the Filipina Match dating site. Proceed with extreme caution.
  • Beyong the underage issues, there are huge numbers of Filipina dating site scammers online. The majority of them are in the 18-25 age group. These girls are best avoided. The closer the Filipina is to your own age the fewer problems you'll have. 26 is a good age apparently.
  • Never send money to a Filipina for any reason. If you want to send a Filipina you are dating a gift, send chocolates. Some dating sites allow you to send gifts through the site, so it can be worth using this service as it will be faster and the gift won't be stolen by the postal or customs workers.
  • Some parts of the Philippines are unsafe for Westerners to visit. Before chatting to a lady make sure you read up on your government's travel advice for her part of the Philippines. No part of the Philippines is particularly safe for a Westerner to visit compared to other Asian countries like Japan or China. In particular many foreign governments warn against travel to the island of Mindanao - this is important to remember as there are many Filipinas on dating sites who live in Davao City.
  • Filipinas may try to hide the fact that they have kids. Asian kids are often brought up by their grandparents, so it's easy enough to hide the fact.
  • Divorce is expensive and hard to obtain in the Philippines. Avoid dating separated ladies, as you'll invariably be the sucker who has to sort out her divorce.
  • Many Filipinas live and work overseas. Is it safer to date these Filipinas? Not necessarily. In particular, be wary of Filipinas claming to be working in Africa - they could be the notorious West African dating site scammers. If Filipinas work overseas, it's usually in a Western country, Hong Kong or in the Middle East (such as Dubai).
  • Again, an honest Filipina will never ask for money. If their cow dies or the roof has a hole in it or somebody is sick and needs to go to the doctor then they will find a way to deal with it. Sending money just encourages ever greater numbers of Filipinas to sign up to dating sites in order to make some easy money from gullible men, and it makes it ever harder for honest Filipinas to find husbands online.

So if you're interested in Filipina dating then it's essential to know all the facts before you get scammed or you make some other major mistake. Filipina dating has a steep learning curve, but plenty of men have found and married loving devoted wives from the Philippines.

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