Dating After Divorce - Time for an Asian Wife?

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There's a lot of interest in second time around dating these days. Increasing numbers of people are starting to think that one partner for life is unrealistic, given how much people change over the years.

If you're a separated or divorced man and you want to find another woman, then you're in luck! Older single men seem to be pretty scarce these days, so you'll have plenty of women to choose from. And the other great advantage is that you'll be older and wise the second time around, and with any luck you'll avoid the gold diggers, cheats and other dangerous women.

Increasing numbers of men are choosing to date Asian women after their divorce. Why is this so, and are Asian women the answer to dating after divorce?

Generally, men tend to be interested in Asian women for a number of reasons, which include:

  • There are large numbers of Asian women available who are looking for husbands. Are there no men in Thailand or the Philippines? Look on a dating site and it would appear not.
  • There is a perception that Asian women prefer to marry older men.
  • Western men often find Asian women unusually attractive.
  • Men tend to think that Asian women are "better" than Western women, i.e. there will be less gold diggers, shopaholics or those women who marry you, have your children then divorce you (and often taking your house as well).

Wow, there are a lot of issues here.

Asia offers plenty of opportunities for men seeking relationships after divorce

As far as age difference go, sure some Asian women do prefer to marry much older men. Look at Wendi Deng, who married Rupert Murdoch - a man nearly 40 years her senior. Actually, it's somewhat rare in Chinese culture for women to marry much older men. Mistresses are very common. But much younger wives are as much a rarity as they are in the USA or Canada.

Thai or Filipina women (and even some Chinese) do prefer an older man. But normally this is usually a 10 - 15 years maximum age difference. The reality is that the laws of supply and demand mean that there are more Asian women than there are Western men looking for Asian wives. So if a woman wants a better chance of finding a husband then she has to be realistic about the age difference.

Are Asian women better than Western women? A lot of this is the grass is greener syndrome. In reality there are good and bad women everywhere. Maybe Asian women are generally better than Western women. But venture onto Asian dating sites and you'll find thousands of gold diggers, shopaholics and women who will bleed your wallet dry. And that's before mentioning the scammers, cam girls and con artists. As a man you need to be exceedingly careful when venturing into the world of online Asian dating.

As far as attractiveness goes, well this is largely true. Asian ladies do age very well, particularly Chinese ladies. This together with the fact that you'll be able to find a younger wife than you normally would in your own country means that if you want a beautiful second wife then Asia is an exceedingly good option.

So what else do you need to consider when thinking about dating after divorce?

A huge issue that you should not underestimate is money. Asian people are very money orientated. Given there's limited social security and no food stamps, they have to be. I'll warn you now that most men divorce their new Asian brides because of issues relating to money. Make sure you can afford to spend time visiting Asia. It often takes more than one go at finding a bride. Make sure you have enough money to get married, and to bring your new Asian wife back to your country. Lastly, make sure you can afford to support your new bride and her family after marriage. If she's expecting that you support her family, talk about the sums involved before you tie the knot. Also remember that few women want to live in poverty after marriage, so make sure you can continue to support her.

Where to live is another issue. Do you want your new bride to live with you, or will you move to her country after marriage? Thailand is an attractive retirement destination. If you can afford it then consider moving to Thailand - you'll have your pick of the available ladies. The Philippines isn't so attractive, with the Philippines government offering few incentives for Westerners to retire there. China is becoming a possibility. However, you'll only really be able to live in China long term if you have a Chinese wife. The coastal cities around Hong Kong are especially popular for retirement. The cost of living is low. However, unless you can speak or read Chinese then you'll be heavily reliant upon your wife.

As far as finding Asian ladies to chat to - that's the easiest part really. There are plenty of Asian dating websites where you can meet ladies suitable for second time around dating. It's not so easy to find older ladies who know much English however. Sites like Thai Matches and Chnlove have built in translation services, but they are pretty expensive. For Thai ladies a better option is a marriage agency like Thai Professional. Their services are available for a fixed fee, and with this type of agency you'll hopefully avoid the scammers that plague most dating sites.

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So as you can see Asian ladies are an attractive proposition for gentlemen interested in dating after divorce. One final point: Asian dating is not the easy option for second time around dating. Finding an Asian bride is stressful and hard work, but find the right lady and you'll be living in fantasy land.

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