Chnlove Login: What to Expect When You Login to Chnlove

Thanks for dropping by my website!Hi there! I've tried many Asian dating sites, but I've met more ladies through China Love Cupid than anywhere else. Join today and see what you're missing!

Chnlove is one of the largest Chinese dating sites available online. Login to the site and you'll find it has over 10,000 Chinese ladies' profiles listed on the site - the number of male members is not known.

Membership of Chnlove is free, so you can login and see the Chinese ladies on the site and see if you like the idea of a Chinese wife. Like many dating sites, you can login and use the site for free, but you have to pay to contact the female members of the site.

Chnlove - The Good Bits

Despite the Chnlove problems, I met a great girl through the site and visiting her in China was a spectacular moment of my life

Having travelled to China I can only say that the cultural difference between China and Western countries is immense. The Chinese language in particular is totally unlike English, and it appears impossible to learn at first (but it's easier than you might think). Chnlove makes it easy to communicate with Chinese ladies without you needing to speak or write any Chinese whatsoever. The site seamlessly translates emails you send to a Chinese lady on the site, and it translates her responses back into English for you. While you can meet English speaking Chinese ladies on other sites (and there are some good English speaking Chinese ladies on Chnlove as well), they tend to be from the higher reaches of society or alpha females. Consequently they can set their standards extremely high when it comes to choosing a husband. Mail order brides they are not - this is more in the realms of executive dating.

To it's credit, the lady I met on Chnlove and ended up visiting in China did actually exist. She was a great girl, although sadly our relationship didn't work out. However, I now realise that travelling thousands of miles just to see one lady was an enormous gamble. I was lucky - she did actually turn up to meet me. What if she hadn't? I had no Plan B, other than having a really great vacation.

When I visit Asian ladies now, I like to visit several ladies when I am there. You wouldn't often marry the first girl you date in your home town, so why should Asian dating be any different? The problem with Chnlove is that it is extremely expensive to maintain a letter writing campaign to more than a handful of ladies.

Chat to 1000's of Hot Chinese Women Tonight!

Chnlove - The Bad Bits

Look around dating forums and you'll see legions of horror stories about Chnlove. But let's focus on one key issue of Asian internet dating - cost.

How expensive? Let's login to Chnlove and do some math...

In my first month of Platinum membership of Chinese Love Links, I sent 24 emails to ladies I liked. I got 6 responses. I sent approximately 5 letters to 6 ladies I really liked, and wanted to get to know better. On Chnlove you login and pay for each letter you send to a lady. Let's say I bought the 30 credits for $135 bundle (the more you buy on Chnlove, the cheaper each credit is). Each Chnlove credit therefore cost me $4.50. With my letters added to the responses for the ladies, I make that 90 letters. So that little lot would have cost me $405 on Chnlove. By contrast membership, of Chinese Love Links costs me $165 for an entire year's subscription. So by anybody's reckoning Chnlove is a ripoff. And that's not even taking into account the fact that some ladies send you duplicate letters (this happened to me), and Chnlove void your credits if you don't use them in a certain time period.

Is Chinese Love Links a better site? Most definitely. It's way cheaper than Chnlove. And when you login you'll find that there are some very nice ladies on Chinese Love Links. Many of them speak and write good English - there's a handy language search tool, so you can find ladies who speak whichever language is your native tongue. If you're looking for a professional lady then it's a great site to use - there are plenty of alpha females on there including ones with MBA's.

So you can see from my math that Chnlove is not worth using unless you're practically a millionaire. And that's even before we get into the business of fake ladies, scam ladies, fake profiles, poor search facilities, dishonest marriage agencies, heavily airbrushed profile pictures, profiles full of rubbish poems, admirer letters from young girls who haven't the slightest bit of interest in you, having to pay for translations when ladies speak good English, and all kinds of other goings on. Much of this is hard to prove, but if you don't want problems with it, avoid Chnlove altogether.

So by all means login to Chnlove and have a look at the ladies on the site. But if you're serious about finding a Chinese wife online then Chinese Love Links is the place to head to. Alternatively take a look at Cherry Blossoms - it's even cheaper than Chnlove or Chinese Love Links, but the website isn't as polished as Chinese Love Links.

Chat to 1000's of Hot Chinese Women Tonight!

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Chat to 1000's of Hot Chinese Women Tonight!