A Reader's Experience of Chnlove

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This is a reader's account of using the Cnnlove Chinese dating site which was sent to the Asian Dating Sites Guide in February 2011. This experience is sadly all too common. Read and learn people...

I met this girl on another website (that was not a pay per letter site like CHNlove). At the time I met her she was also on the CHNlove site. Later, when we became more involved, I asked her why she kept refreshing her profile every two weeks on the Chnlove site despite our now close relationship, she wrote me this reply:

"Now, I tell you something about my profile in that website. The profile on CHNlove cant be registered by single lady. It is so different from the site where we met. And it is not allowed to log in by lady but only by the administrators. I have nothing do to with my profile. I even don?t know my status on that site. All the things are managed by the administrators. The time when I told you that I have deleted all my profile on internet , I had called them to cancel my profile .I am serious about my searching, I know that you are the one I want in my life. After that , I haven?t hear from any men .I made sure that they have deleted it .If you don?t tell me today , I really don?t know they haven?t done it yet"

Now as you can see from her reply to me, my lady can write (as well as speak) good English.

However, I decided to write her a surpise letter on the CHNlove site to test her reaction.

Here's what happened:

'She' (which in fact were the fake letter writers at CHNlove) had no idea who I was and claimed (falsely on her behalf) that she 'could not speak nor write well enough in English to give me her email address so that we could communicate directly.

How could my lady not know that it was me who written to her on CHNlove? - My Pic was right in my profile!

This proves that CHNlove is a fake and fraud operation.

The reason of course is because CHNLove wants $5.50 per letter and will deceive in whatever way possible to get you to write and to keep on writing to someone who is in fact, not the real person that you think you're writing to at all, merely a fake letter writer who's probably getting paid to keep the false illusion of romance alive for as long as they can suck up your money and for as long as possible.

I turned my attention to google and entered the search words CHNlove Scam.

There I found a lot of complaints about CHNlove but I also found some reviews about them.

Isn't is funny however that all of the good reviews and nice things written about CHNlove have the words chnlove right in the URL?

Geez, on most sites you have to worry about whether the men or women are scammers.

On Chnlove you don't need to get that far; it's not the ladies you need to worry about, it's the website you need to worry about...from the moment you log on.

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So this is yet another disgruntled customer of Chnlove. Thankfully I didn't have this sort of problem. However, I was in a relationship with one of the Chnlove ladies for several months. Yet in this time her profile remained visible on the site. So other men writing to her were effectively wasting their money. Of course if the lady was continuing to get admirer letters while I was visiting her, then maybe it was I who was wasting my money!

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