Chnlove Chinese Dating Site - My Personal Experience

Thanks for dropping by my website!Hi there! I've tried many Asian dating sites, but I've met more ladies through China Love Cupid than anywhere else. Join today and see what you're missing!

Are you looking for a Chinese wife? Have you thought about finding a Chinese wife using the Chnlove Chinese personals site? If so then read on to find out my own personal experience of using Chnlove.

I used Chnlove for a while in 2009. In its favour it has the best looking women I've ever seen on a dating site. Also the girl I met on there did actually exist, and I had a great time when I visited her in China.

However, the problems with Chnlove are immense. As a newbie I was immediately swamped with admirer letters from young girls even though I set my age range years older than they were. The per email fee is horrendous - I racked up a $400 bill and that was just from contacting a dozen girls. I had plenty of wasted credits as well - the Changsha Love Bridge Company sent me duplicate emails and I have unverified reports that one of their girls I emailed was actually a translator. I also had a lot of wasted credits from agencies sending out reminder emails if I had taken too long to respond to a girl.

To her credit my agency employed translator was fantastic. However I believe that the agency had charged my very naive girl a huge amount of money to sign up - it was more than a Western woman would pay to an introduction agency! I know these fees are negotiable, but it was shameful business practice all the same. When my girl had a big domestic problem my attempts to contact the agency through Chnlove ended in farce.

A lot of men hear total rubbish from agencies, like the lady can't webcam or she doesn't have a mobile phone or a digital camera. Guys - get real. Technology-wise China is just as advanced as we are! Most Chinese ladies looking for Western husbands are from the middle or upper classes from societies. There are Internet cafes everywhere, and Internet enabled mobiles with QQ instant messaging are ubiquitous. Any lady who works in an office will probably have the Internet, and when the boss pops out she'll either be on Cherry Blossoms looking for a rich Western man or tending her QQ Farm! Chinese ladies love taking photos of themselves and there won't be many Chinese ladies who don't have 10,000 photos of themselves at home.

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Sadly my relationship with my Chinese lovely didn't work out - I never got to the bottom of what happened, but I suspect that my girl had a reason to get her and her family out of China at all costs. I also had unresolved mysteries, like why was my girl's marriage agency thousands of miles from her home town? Why did she want a Western husband when there are huge numbers of men compared to women in China. Why was she unmarried after 30 (which is considered fairly shameful in Chinese society). Was there something wrong with her that would have been totally obvious to a Chinese guy? This Asian wife finding business is much more complex than a newbie can possibly imagine! About all I can really say is that if you want an Asian wife then consider moving to Asia! Or use an introduction agency with offices staffed by Westerners.

You know the stupidest thing about my Asia dating experience? Many of the Chnlove ladies are also on Chinese Love Links and Cherry Blossoms! But on these sites you pay monthly or annually! I would recommend Chinese Love Links. I think this is the best Chinese personals site there is. I know men who have found decent girls on Cherry Blossoms but I am much more wary of this site.

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