Finding a Chinese Mail Order Bride

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The Internet and the economic rise of Asia has radically changed the mail order bride business of the past. Many Western men still like the idea of finding a bride from Asia though. To cater for this demand there are a large number of mail order bride websites to help men make contact with ladies looking for husbands. Although the mail order bride business originated in Japan and Thailand, many men now like the idea of a Chinese mail order bride.

Chinese Mail Order Brides

China strives to be modern, but there are still plenty of places where you can find chickens in the street!

China has a population imbalance and there are a lot more men than women. Despite this there are tens of thousands of beautiful Chinese ladies on Chinese mail order bride websites. Why is this? Here are a few possible reasons for the glut of Chinese brides:

  • China's population is vast. Even if only 0.001% of Chinese ladies were to look for a Western husband, that's still something in the region of 300,000+ ladies.
  • The gulf between rich and poor in China is vast. Although the Chinese ladies on dating sites tend to be from the middle of society, they still earn a lot less than their Western counterparts. The Chinese lady I dated earnt around $8 a day, and that was in a nice office based profession that would pay around $20,000 a year in the USA.
  • There are plenty of men in China, but finding a man with a good job and a decent income isn't easy.
  • Some Chinese ladies such as those who are Christian can find it harder to find a husband.
  • China is still a developing country, and standards of healthcare and social care aren't as good as can be found in Western countries.
  • There is an element of bandwagon jumping, where a Chinese lady hears from a friend that it's possible to find a Western husband, so she signs herself up to the same dating site as her friend does.
  • Chinese people place great importance in their elders. A Chinese lady will have to care for her parents financially. Due to the single child policy this is tough on a single child, so marrying a Western man can bring financial security for the family.
  • Chinese ladies who are divorced or have children (or both) tend to find it harder to find a Chinese husband. It sounds harsh but Chinese people don't like used goods - witness all the frantic buying up of new houses and apartments that goes on in China.
  • Some ladies are incredibly choosy in their choice of husband. They spend most of their life looking for Mr 100%. Be wary of these ladies in every country!

Contrary to what you've read elsewhere, please be under no illusions. A Chinese lady will often be looking to marry a Western man for economic reasons. If you want to marry for true love, then try looking for a Chinese wife in Hong Kong, Taiwan or Malaysia. Then you'll see how much more difficult it is to find a Chinese wife who really loves you.

So a lot of Chinese brides are obviously looking to marry a Western man for economic reasons. Beyond this though, they do have many choices in life. A Chinese lady will (especially if she's young and or beautiful) get contacted by many admirers on dating sites. She can afford to be choosy about the men she will correspond with. If you want to land a date with one of the younger and more beautiful ladies then you'll have to work on that dating profile.

Chinese Mail Order Bride Websites

One of the problems with finding a bride from China is that not many Chinese ladies speak or write English. Consequently a lot of them (particularly the over 40's) are reliant on Chinese marriage agencies to help them put their dating profile on a dating site.

Some of the China singles dating services such as Chnlove and Foreign Ladies get round the communication problems by offering a translation service. Letters sent to and from the Chinese ladies are translated which makes communication possible. Unfortunately these services are expensive, and they are wide open to abuse.

An alternative is to look for an English speaking Chinese lady on a site like Chinese Cupid. This makes it much easier to have a relationship with a Chinese lady, without spending a fortune on translator letters. The downside is that Chinese ladies who have English skills can afford to be a lot more choosy about their husbands. English skills mean they can get a much better job in China, so they won't be so reliant on a man. They can also communicate much more easily with Western men.

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Cherry Blossoms

Cherry Blossoms was one of the businesses that assisted men with finding Asian mail order brides. In the days before the Internet Western men had to rely on mail order catalogues of ladies, then they would telephone the marriage agency and let them know which ladies they were interested in.

Now Cherry Blossoms has a website where you can sign up for free and make contact with tens of thousands of lovely Asian ladies from China and other countries. Here's more information about the Cherry Blossoms dating site.

So the Chinese mail order bride business is prospering online. While Western men used to look for an Asian wife in Japan and Thailand, China is now one of the most popular choices for finding a Chinese bride.

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