Chinese LoveLinks - My Experiences So Far?

Thanks for dropping by my website!Hi there! I've tried many Asian dating sites, but I've met more ladies through China Love Cupid than anywhere else. Join today and see what you're missing!

Chinese LoveLinks is a Chinese dating site where you can chat and email Chinese ladies online. It's one of the most popular Chinese dating sites, at least as far as seeking Chinese mail order brides is concerned. Other popular sites are Cherry Blossoms, Chnlove and DateInAsia.

Chinese people are increasingly turning to online matchmaking. There are a number of big Chinese dating sites - QQ Personals is a popular example. However, most of these sites are only available in Traditional or Simplified Chinese, so they're beyond the reach of most Western men seeking Chinese brides.

Is Chinese LoveLinks the Best Chinese Dating Site?

There are some really great ladies on Chinese LoveLinks

I was a member of Chnlove for a while. This site is very popular, mainly because it advertises a lot. The good thing about Chnlove is that the translator system allows Western men to communicate with Chinese ladies who don't speak or write much English. This feature is also its downfall. Letter writing sites are common in Asian and Russian online dating. While they solve the language barrier, they are very expensive to use. The biggest problem in my opinion is that it's hugely expensive in the early stages of seeking women you might be interested in. I've contacted dozens of ladies on Chinese LoveLinks. In many cases you exchange a couple of emails then it fizzles out.

So how does Chinese LoveLinks stack up against other competitors. Cherry Blossoms dating is a reasonably priced site. But I didn't like this site. The site didn't work properly in my web browser. There was also only a time limited free trial, and it didn't give me enough time to see if I liked the site. I was also pestered by Filipinas on the site, and they were getting to be a nuisance as I was only interested in Chinese ladies.

Chinese Kisses is another site. This site is really basic, and expensive for what it is. Despite this it's certainly very popular, especially with German men seeking Asian wives.

DateInAsia offers 100% free Asian dating. Is this too good to be true? Sadly yes. The only ladies contacting me were very young Filipinas and Chinese hookers. I guess I should look for Chinese ladies to contact on the site. The problem is that the search facility is so basic, and the numbers of members so vast, that this is not a trivial undertaking.

So I have to conclude that Chinese LoveLinks is the best Chinese dating site around. Chinese LoveLinks offers free trial membership, so sign up and see if you agree with me.

Chinese LoveLinks Ladies

So what are the ladies like on Chinese LoveLinks?

Here I have to say I am impressed. There are some top quality ladies on this dating site. I am in no particular hurry to find a wife so I've been setting my sights fairly high. I think it is sensible to do so. There's no man shortage in China. So you have to question why so many Chinese ladies want Western husbands. I have focussed my efforts on Chinese alpha females. These ladies have good jobs, speak some English, and tend to live in the Tier 1 cities (Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou). These ladies can find it hard to find husbands in China, since Chinese men tend to prefer housewives, not career girls.

Now these Chinese alpha females can afford to be choosy about their choice of partner. They're not really interested in men who don't have much of an education or they're 20 years older than they are. But the good thing about them is that they are marrying for the right reasons. If you want to marry for love, you'll need to set your sights high on Chinese LoveLinks.

If you're looking for a housewife then there are also plenty of these on Chinese LoveLinks. But here it gets more difficult. The majority of ladies on Chinese LoveLinks don't speak or write much English. Having a meaningful conversation with them is very difficult. I also find that many of them are pretty naive. They are seeking Western husbands, but they really don't seem to know how difficult the language barrier is, or how difficult it would be for them to find jobs in a Western country.

So what's the answer to the language barrier? I'm not sure there is an easy answer. But a few things I can suggest are:

  • Enrol on a Mandarin course so that you can learn the basics.
  • Practice with the Google Translation Tool so you know how to translate simple English into Simplified Chinese and back again. Be aware that this tool usually writes rubbish Chinese.
  • Find a friendly Chinese person who can help you with important translation issues (e.g. discussing travel plans).
  • Make sure your Chinese lady has a pocket English/Chinese translator computer which will be useful if you eventually go to meet her.
  • Once you're in a serious relationship with a lady, consider paying for English lessons.

Chat to 1000's of Hot Chinese Women Tonight!

Chinese LoveLinks Scams

Are there scammers on Chinese LoveLinks? I've seen a few ladies who are suspicious. But nobody has asked me for money. I'd say that there isn't as bad a problem with money scammers on Chinese LoveLinks as there are on the Thai or Filipina dating sites.

Usually the far bigger problem with Chinese dating are the timewasters. There are many girls who aren't serious about marrying a Western man. Western men have a curiosity value in China and Japan, which is great if you're after an Asian girlfriend, but not so good if you want a long term relationship.

I'd say that most of the Chinese LoveLinks ladies under the age of 28 are timewasters. In the 28-32 age range they're serious about marriage, but pretty choosy about their choice of partner. In China, 33-35 is really the last chance saloon for ladies wanting to start a family. These ladies can make great wives. However, it's best to avoid ladies who are desparate for a baby. Often they will marry you then as soon as the baby comes along you're treated worse than the family dog.

As well as scams, there are deceptions. Many photos of ladies on Chinese LoveLinks have been airbrushed. Studio shots are obviously airbrushed. But many Chinese ladies even airbrush their snapshots!

I've dated five Asian ladies to date. I can tell you that their height and weights they stated on the dating site just don't stack up. So maybe feel free to add another inch to your own height!

So my experiences with Chinese LoveLinks have been pretty positive to date. If you like the idea of finding a Chinese wife, then sign up for free membership and see if the site is for you.

Chat to 1000's of Hot Chinese Women Tonight!

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